Free Paper Sample: Areas of Evaluation in Informatics Solution Proposal

Published: 2022-08-30
Free Paper Sample: Areas of Evaluation in Informatics Solution Proposal
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As noted in the previous part, the use of information technology in healthcare is inevitable and it has led to increased efficiency and effectiveness. One of the commonly used types of information technology is electronic health records (EHR). As explained earlier, the technology improves the communication and quality of health services offered in the hospitals (Colla, Mainor, Hargreaves, Sequist, & Morden, 2017). The two types of EHR systems that can be used in the hospitals are Merge Cardio and Athena Cardiology EHR. The two are used in a wide range of functions and they have many features that make them some of the most preferred EHR systems. The analysis of the costs, ease of use, efficiency, clarity and time shows that these two systems are preferred above several other options.

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The Merge Cardio

Cardiology is one of the main parts of healthcare that requires a lot of care and efficiency. A medical error in cardiology has high chances of causing death. The use of merge cardio EHR is a common way of reducing the errors. The system is easy to use and can be applied in many clinics and health centers. The system displays both data and images at once and this makes it easy to use to make observations about the conditions of the patients. The other feature is that it is cheap to install and maintain as compared to some of the other EHR systems. Inadequate infrastructure, poor preparation, and poor training are some of the main setbacks that affect the implementation of EHR (Ko, Wagner & Spetz, 2018). However, the Merge Cardio HER is simple and easy to install and use and this makes it easy to adopt. The clarity of the system is also high and this is because the system allows for both texts and images. Specialists can get clear information about the patients and the records are reliable. It also saves time because it is a combination of all data and cardiologists can access data from one point of access as opposed to the multiple access points used in some of the other information technology systems. The system can be used by the patients to analyze their conditions and to determine if they need further treatment. The system can be accessed via personal computers and has privacy settings to keep the records safe. It requires simple resources like a computer and patients can see their past records and medications given. It also has directions on how to access data and get visual information.

Athena Cardiology

The Athena Cardiology EHR is a common system used across the world and has many advantages as opposed to many types of information technology solutions used in healthcare. One of the advantages is that it is easy to use and gives clear data that can be relied upon in making decisions and giving prescriptions. The use of such big data increases the efficiency of medical processes in healthcare (Luo, Wu, Gopukumar & Zhao, 2016). The system is also cheap to maintain because it does not require the staff to make follow up calls. All data about the patients can be found in the system easily and this makes it cost0effective. The other feature is that it is efficient and clear. The data found in this system shows both images and written message and cardiologists can refer to them with ease. Some of the resources required to use it include computers and the internet. Patients can get visual data about their health but some of the critical data is hidden and only accessed by doctors. It has simple directions for beginners that makes it user-friendly.


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