Critical Evaluation Essay

Published: 2018-06-13
Critical Evaluation Essay
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Critical Evaluation of Vivian Bearing Story

A critical evaluation of any literally work authored by a given professional is essential in the in depth comprehension of that particular art work. Film analysis is one of the most critical skills that each and every student needs to possess at any given time. This paper provides a short answer analysis of different questions intentioned to offer an in depth comprehension of the ironic miseries encountered between Dr. Posner and Vivian.

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Analyzing Dr. Posner’s Behavior towards his Patient Reflect Vivian’s Attitude towards Her Students When She Was a Professor

One of the most interesting ironical coincidences in Vivian’s story occurs when Vivian visits the hospital and meets Dr. Posner who was once her student when she was a professor. An in-depth evaluation of the story shows that Dr. Posner’s behavior was very unprofessional as demonstrated through his arrogant appearance towards the students. As a result, he appears to be fascinated by the deadly disease and the overall treatment of cancer. However, it is fictitious to notice that the doctor’s behavior knows little about genuine care (Edson, 2001). It is the responsibility of the doctor to conform to the recommended code of conduct, show compassion, conform to privacy and uphold the recommended ethical standards. Vivian also realized that Dr. Posner lacked compassion, was uncaring and his listening skills were unprofessional. Vivian expected the doctor to be more like her with a compassion for teaching, respectful, and caring.

An Overview of the Skills Possessed by Susan Monchon Who had Barely Received Adequate Education Compared to Dr. Posner

It is evident from the video that Susan Mochon was caring, sympathizing and kind. Susan demonstrated her compassionate nature when she decided to take good care of Vivian as she made a visit to her physician, Dr. Posner. The former professor also established a mutual and fruitful relationship with the nurse by explaining the prognosis to her disease. Similarly, Susan also discussed options of care with Vivian in terms of making a viable decision on the medical code associated with her disease (Edson, 2001). She further settled on taking up a DNR code in case her heart would stop beating, a step would make the patient respect her decision as a nurse professional.

Analyzing Whether Johns Donne’s Poem “Death be not proud” Has the Same Meaning for Vivian in Her Illness and Dying as It Did When She Was Well and Whether the Poem is a Source of Comfort to the Patient

Analysis of this poem and the real scenario encountered by Vivian would reveal that The Two Have Similar Meanings. It is evident that Vivian lost her sense and was totally not proud about her diagnosis. The professor appeared to have adequate knowledge regarding her illness and the overall outcomes (Donne, 2013). Vivian understood the diagnosis and the journey she had to face ahead in her in life as influenced by her vast wisdom and sense of humanity.

On the other hand, this poem stands out as a source of comfort to Vivian with reference to the mentioning of the rest of the bones and the delivery of the soul. As a result, the poem helped Vivian to come to her conclusion that nothing could be done to help in curing her from the disease (Edson, 2001). Her agreement with the DNR diagnosis made her to feel that she would finally be delivered and set free.

Critical Evaluation Conclusion

Irony pervades the entire film considering the behavior that DR. Posner has towards his patient despite the fact that Vivian was his former lecturer. It is indeed ironical to realize the similarity between the poem and the treacherous conditions experienced by Vivian in her illness. Irony pervades the entire situation experienced by Vivian bearing in mind that Donne was not experiencing any grueling treatment for terminal illness when he wrote the poem. Another skeptical incidence is the fact that death was not also looming as compared to Vivian who was suffering from ovarian cancer, a terminal disease.

The poem on “death be proud” had the same meaning with Vivian’s illness and dying thus would not provide comfort to her as she was not happy with her diagnosis. At this moment, Vivian understood the journey ahead of her life that she was to face.

The poem was a source of comfort to Vivian. Vivian came to the conclusion that nothing will be done to save her from her terminal illness. When she finally agreed, she started being compassionate and caring thus would have expected the doctor to be more like her new personality.

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