Essay Sample: My Evaluation for Future Leadership

Published: 2022-07-25
Essay Sample: My Evaluation for Future Leadership
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I believe I have the necessary experience and skills to become a future leader and driver of policy in my home country. My skills and expertise are derived from learning and the work experience that I have mastered over the course of my career as a broker and financial advisor. I started my career and skill set with learning at the Baghdad University where I studied two bachelor's degrees. My job has duties and responsibilities that over time, I have managed to assimilate into my daily order of the day.

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My ability to lead and influence other people through industry awareness makes me confident as a future leader. My career is heavily dependent on standards and regulations. To offer financial advice to a client, I have to keep accurate records over a long period to monitor trends and economic changes. I keep detailed records for all my clients and learn of all the regulations on brokerage by government institutions. As a result, I am conversant with the laws of my home country and share in the greater dream of the present leadership to enhance our nation in all dimensions of success. To succeed as a broker, I conduct face-to-face meetings with my clients because I believe they provide an all-rounded opportunity to deliberate the investment dilemma and help make an informed decision. As a result, I am an excellent interviewer and reviewer of policies. I believe I will be able to review laws and eradicate ingrained bureaucracy that provides an incessant impediment to national development.

I have the expertise of monitoring the economy of a nation and forecasting the return on investment over a particular period. I evaluate all the factors that come into play when convincing my clients into buying a property or venturing into a business endeavor. For instance, inflation and increase in expenditure are but constant problems that all investments have to face. I believe in planning and controlling all the variables in a bid to minimize the negative impact that they have on the economic situation. I can effectively manage a nation by controlling its economy and planning in accordance with the forecasted economic trends. I also conduct a needs analysis for my clients to ascertain the kind of financial advice that they need. I can do the same in a leadership position in my home country where I will assess the needs of the citizens and address them according to urgency.

I am highly organized and always supervise my subordinates. I believe effective leadership is more than mere command and control, but rather it is understanding and establishing cordial relationships with the people that I lead. I organize business duties for my brokerage company and delegate tasks directly to employees via the human resource department. This makes me a leader by example, and I set the trend in the organization. Due to my many years of employment, before I started my brokerage company, I know virtually all the job descriptions of the employees. Therefore, as I supervise, I know what to expect and the specific timelines that tasks should take. As a leader in my home country, I would employ the principles of cost reduction, identification of risk, opportunities and liaising with all involved parties to formulate developmental policies and strategies that would cause the wholesome development of a society and the nation at large.

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