Clinique Company Training and Evaluation Plan, HRM Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-11
Clinique Company Training and Evaluation Plan, HRM Essay Sample
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Clinique is an American toiletries, fragrances and cosmetics manufacturing company. Its cosmetics are highly regarded due to their high quality and great popularity. These products are supplied in high end department stores all over the country. The company's hopes to keep a firm grip on its market share. This they hope to achieve by matching, and outdoing their competitors by employing modern skills and knowledge concerning afore mentioned beauty products.

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In order to achieve this vision, Clinique hired a new beauty advisor. The new beauty advisor is not very familiar with the products manufactured by the company. As such she, together with other employees in the organization will undergo a training to improve her company knowledge, and in the process enhance the performance of the company.

Training is the mechanism by which a company makes a substantial investment in ensuring the competency and effectiveness of its employees. The training will be undertaken by the outgoing beauty advisor, Sarah Banes. She has a rich experience in this field, and her expertise in training is next to none.

Target audience

The newly hired beauty advisor urgently needs training in order to get the gist around the company. Other than the beauty advisor, ten employees below the age of 35 will undertake this training. The ten employees will be handpicked based on their suitability to the skills Clinique wishes to install in the business.

The beauty advisor will get a better grasp of the company products and at the same bond with her new workmates. This will help create rapport between the newly hired employee and the other employee. This is expected to lead to better relationship between the company, the employees and the clients. This training session, dubbed the Focus Group Discussion (FDC), was arrived at after brainstorming from the employees of Clinique.

This training session aims to increase the knowledge of the employees in matters concerning Clinique beauty products. This will improve the


This training session is designed to enhance the efficiency of the company. After undergoing it, the employees are expected to have a better understanding of the products, their functionality and how to use them. The training will also look to impact positively on the organization-client problems. The trainees will have more confidence with the products, very essential when making recommendations to the clients

At the end of this training session, the participants should be able to:

Assemble all the necessary beauty cosmetics using the toolkit provided by the trainer without making an error of more than 5%.

carry out facial therapy to a sample client using the relevant skin care without damaging the natural beauty of the client

The beauty advisor will be expected to handle at least ten clients in a day -face to face interaction- with a maximum of 10% negative feedback in the customer survey.

Training costs

Location, logistics and other details

Training provider Clinique

Trainer Sarah banes

Participants The new beauty advisor and ten other employees

Date 12-06-19

Location Clinique conference room

Contacts sarahbanes@clinique.comSession length 2 Hrs. And half

Instructional mode Simulation and job training

Topics Sales, product understanding and application, roles in the organization,

Equipment and materials needed

Trainer Participants

Equipment MacBook and charger Slide projector Screen projector PowerPoint slides A clock Materials and supplies Make up kits A pen

Printed session notes A notebook

Refreshments Own copy of hand outs

Training delivery plan

Time Trainer Activity Participant Activity

1045-1100 hrs. Set up equipment and ensure it is working. Arrive and settle in the conference room

1100-1110 hrs. Conduct the introductions. Set out the house keeping rules and guidelines. Introduce themselves, their position in the company and brief description of their expectation from the session.

1110-1200 hrs. Facilitate the job training session. Offer clarifications and guide the whole group discussions. Listen and take notes. Ask for clarification when confused and participate in discussions

1200-1215 hrs. Pair up participants. Ask them to collect the make-up kits in readiness for the session period Work in pairs. Set up the station where they will simulate the working on the beauty products

1215-1315 hrs. Facilitate the simulation session. Guide the participants and answer their question arising from this session Actively participate in simulating using Clinique beauty products. Seek assistance from the trainer when faced with difficulties.

Training evaluation plan

Evaluating a training program helps an organization identify what it has gained, arrive at the costs Vis a vis the benefits gained and justifies the need for more training in future. A training program is evaluated using the Return of Investment (ROI) percentage (ROI= monetary benefits- Training Costs/ training costs) *100.

The success of the training program will be in three levels; participant reaction (Level one), participant learning (Level two), and participant behavior change (Level three).

In level one, evaluation involves seeking out the reaction of the partakers at the end of the program. If the trainees feel positive about the program, it will have a good impact on their performance. Post training follow up helps the trainer get an idea of how successful a training session was.

Level two is all about how much the trainees have learnt from the training session. How well the trainees have mastered the objectives lined before the sessions is arrived after by giving questions. in this case, the training will be successful if the trainees are able to Assemble all the necessary beauty cosmetics using the toolkit provided by the trainer without making an error of more than 5%, carry out facial therapy to a sample client using the relevant skin care without damaging the natural beauty of the client and handling at least ten clients in a with a maximum of 10% negative feedback in the customer survey.

Lastly we have level three. This level involves the implementation of the lessons learnt in the training, Measuring this involves observations, interviews and monitoring. If a training program is successful, the teachings impacted will have a lasting change that will boost performance and impact the business's profit and loss statement.


It is important to realize that training is as challenging as they come. Apart from being costly, success is not guaranteed. Diversity in the employees' ranks will most probably work not in the favor of the trainer. But as long as the pros outweigh the cons, training is a noble venture that Clinique Company should invest in.


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