Masterly-Done Speech Evaluation Essay Example for Students

Published: 2018-01-22
Masterly-Done Speech Evaluation Essay Example for Students
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Speaker Evaluation and Main Techniques Used Throughout the Speech

The speaker of the day was a well-groomed and jubilant young lady, she appeared at the podium full of life and ready to deliver her keynote speech to the listeners. One of the catchy qualities of her presentation was her huge and audible voice characterized by qualities of authoritative and great command. The speaker as obvious began by salutations to all listeners of different sexes and races; she began her speech with a catchy phrase which drove everyone’s attention towards her. The catchy phrase element gave me reasons to listen more and more of her keynote delivery. The extemporaneous technique was the major delivery technique that she used throughout her speech delivery; this made it easier for her to include all speech delivery cues throughout her speech.

The speaker established herself as a credible source; this was the main pillar for the success of delivery of her speech. Firstly, the speaker ensured that she did establish a great rapport with the audience through the respect and trust that she showed them. The speaker accommodated everyone on board irrespective of whether they did like her speech or no. secondly, in establishing solid credibility, the speaker ensured that she gave her audience what was best for them; the speech was geared towards contributing to society development and therefore most individuals might have disagreed with her presentation. Thirdly, in ensuring great credibility in delivering the speech, the speaker ensured that she deeply understood the extent of audience disparity. In her introduction of the speech, the speaker explained in detail what the speech that she was about to deliver entailed.

Body of the Speech Evaluation

The ideas brought forward throughout the speech were clearly organized and presented appropriately, the speaker ensured that she delivered what was important and involved the audience throughout her speech. The speaker began by relaying the keynote points in her points; this was to ensure that the audience attention was inclusive throughout the speech. The speaker also ensured that at the middle of her speech, she included all the audience in order to win their attention back and drive away the attention that was beginning to grow. More so, during her speech delivery, the speaker ensured that she used examples to illustrate the main points that were critical. The main points were also served with credible illustrations using real-life examples; this was to ensure that the audience were exposed to a full facet of what the speaker was basing her argument on in detail.

In a broad analysis of the speech, the speaker’s reasoning can be said to be logical. Every detailed point that she presented throughout her speech was logical and up to date. In addition, the points that she presented in her speech were illustrated with vivid points and ensured that audience attention was important in her speech delivery. Similarly, the speaker’s logical reasoning was evident when she used great verbal cues to expound on the points that she wanted to deliver to the audience. Some of the special techniques that the speaker used in her speech delivery included; use of a teleprompter, use of short videos and involved the audience by asking questions. The use of a teleprompter ensured that the speaker could manage to present her points logically and meet the attention that could have otherwise been used if she could have used a written speech. The teleprompter-aided in her in concentrating on delivering points to the audience and avoid concentrating on reading the speech; this was an important approach that ensured that the audience attention was at hand. Similarly, use of short videos to illustrate real-life events was an important element in delivering the speech. The short videos ensured that audience were exposed to real-life events that the speaker illustrated throughout her speech. Lastly, involving the audience through asking questions ensured that boredom among the audience was done away with.


The conclusion of the speaker’s speech was well summarized and presented effectively; this showed the mastery of the speaker appropriate speech delivery cues. The conclusion included all the major elements of the speech and was the climax of her speech delivery.

Speaker’s and Audience perception

The speaker’s perception of the audience was outstanding, in her conclusion the speaker commented and appreciated the audience for their patience and calm throughout her speech presentation. The audience perception for the speaker was awesome, the audience applauded the speaker soon after she ended her speech, they also gave her a standing ovation to explicitly show the speaker her worthiness and great skills in delivering her speech.

Overall Reaction

The overall reaction from the performance from the speaker can be said to be on-point and exclusive. The speaker managed to exhaust all her points in her presentation categorically; this is evident from the reaction that the audience accorded her at the end of her speech delivery.

It is also important to take note of the fact that, the verbal cues that the speaker used throughout her presentation facilitated her delivery of the speech. One thing I learned that help me become a better speaker is the fact that the speaker chose to include the audience in her speech delivery, this will assist me to be a better speaker someday. One of my strengths in relation to the speaker’s keynote qualities is the ability to catch the attention of the audience, this was a great quality throughout her presentation of the speech. The weakness from the speaker can actually be credited to the unending use of catchy phrases that kept the audience in line.

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