Essay Sample about Importance of Sports for Teenagers

Published: 2017-10-03
Essay Sample about Importance of Sports for Teenagers
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Benefits of sports

People have always had a negative perception regarding sports which has resulted in the reduced participation of teenagers in sports. Many factors at are present which result in the reduced participation of the youth in sports. It is indeed disturbing to realize that while the teenagers are of good health, they are not participating in sports as the youths in the past were. Technology could be a suspect that has resulted in the reduced number. The young generation of this period has become over-dependent on technology (Taylor et al. 2016). For instance, children today, instead of playing physical games that were there traditionally, they engage in playing computer games and play station. Teenagers should re-engage in sports once again. The essence of this article is to discuss some of these reasons why teenagers need to re-engage themselves in sports.

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Sports promotes the health of the individual participating in it. The reason why this should be reason enough to encourage the youth to start participating in sports once again is that the lifestyle diseases are much more prevalent than ever. These are diseases that come from having poor lifestyles (Seungmo, Jing Dong and Love 2016, p183). One such poor lifestyle is lacking sports in one’s life. Fatty foods result in weight gain which can cause diseases like blood pressure. These diseases also occur in comorbidity with other diseases such as heart attack and heart failure. Luckily, the best way to stay clear of these lifestyle diseases is by re-engaging in sports. That will ensure that the body can break down extra glucose before it is transformed into fats.

Does participation in sports keep teens out of trouble

Sports increases the sharpness of an individual. Parents are always happier when their children are performing better. Sports can be the key to smart children. By participating in sports, there is increased blood flow to the brain. That results in the brain receiving more oxygen and glucose increasing the functionality of the brain cells (Sukys, Lisinskiene and Tilendiene 2015). With the increased functionality in the brain, the brain cells are operating faster and much better thereby promoting the sharpness of the individual. Therefore, by participating in sports, the teenager can perform better in class.

Sports will strengthen the college resume of the individual. Sportsmanship is a valued aspect of an individual. Colleges will prefer an individual who is participative in sports because sports instills certain admired traits in an individual. A sport-person knows how to focus and manage his or her time thereby resulting in a more focused individual (Spruit et al. 2016). Sports also teaches an individual the meaning and significance of teamwork. A sportsperson will be a team player in the college which ultimately results in people who are better equipped to face the outside world. Moreover, a sportsperson can compete in sports competition which may earn the individual certificates, medals, and even sponsorships (Wagnsson, Lindwall and Gustafsson 2014). That will ensure that the individual’s resume is very powerful. It will make the individual a model student in any college or university.

There is a need for teenagers to become participative in sports once again. Sports promotes the health of an individual which will result in healthy teenagers. Sports will also ensure that the teenagers are sharp and participative in class. Sports will also strengthen the resume of the teenagers. Thus, parents and older members of the society should encourage the young people to become more participative. They can use incentives such as rewards which will encourage the teenagers to be more willing to participate in sports.


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