Faculty Evaluation Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-03
Faculty Evaluation Essay Sample
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The importance of encouraging voice and perspective in the evaluation process

Considering the importance of the evaluation process, incorporating different views can mean the difference between a healthy and successful organization and vice versa. Integrating evaluation methods and systems that are fair and at the same time, reliable can create a culture in which good teaching practices are highly valued and incorporated in the daily happenings in an organization (Donaldson, 2012). In my opinion, fair and reliable evaluation systems should encourage voice and participation of the stakeholders who are most likely to be affected by the decisions of the institutions.

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Encouraging voice and different perspectives in the evaluation process ensures that the overall decisions at the institution in one way or another are a representation of all stakeholders (Sikerbol, 2015). In my opinion, this encourages the cultivation of healthy relationships since every person feels represented. Moreover, I think that incorporating voice and different views in an institution support healthy growth and improve performance since it enhances the quality of classroom instructions.

Furthermore, encouraging voice and perspective in the evaluation process do boost not only performance but also increases faculty accountability (Centra, 1993). I believe that encouraging different points of view in assessment encourages persistence among the faculty which leads to positive performance. This is attributed to the fact that such evaluation processes enhance the overall faculty instruction. It builds trust among stakeholders which in turn encourages positivity in the organization.

Involving stakeholders perspectives in faculty evaluation

Evaluators play a fundamental role in faculty evaluation at any institution. He or she determines if programs being used at a facility are performing the role they were intended for or not (Sikerbol 2015). Given this, I believe that institutions should strive to involve perspectives from all stakeholders rather than evaluators. Most evaluation processes and systems in many institutions today incorporate from both teachers and students which enhance performance. According to Sikerbol (2015), times are changing, and employers should strive to build trusting relationships with employees through engaging in generative listening.


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