Essay Example Providing the Evaluation of President Andrew Jackson's Tenure in Office

Published: 2022-02-23
Essay Example Providing the Evaluation of President Andrew Jackson's Tenure in Office
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Andrew Jackson is one of the most loved American leaders. His input in the judiciary, the armed forces, and eventually as the president of the United States is viewed by many as a life full of service to the country. Andrew Jackson also during his tenure fought tooth and nail to ensure equal human and civil rights to the wealthy and powerful and as well as the ordinary American. These efforts made Andrew Jackson very popular among the majority who were the common Americans. He ensured the law is followed by all and punishes all the offenders equally regardless of the social status. The common Americans got their fair share of representation to all the houses, and hence they got a way to air out their grievances.

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Andrew Jackson is also remembered in American history as among the few American presidents who fought graft and corruption relentlessly. He streamlined the public service, the health system as well as the financial institutions to not only consider the wealthy and powerful in the society but also to provide the same services to the lower Americans (Ratcliffe, 2018). These efforts were welcomed by many American since for a long time they were struggling to air out their views and complain.

Andrew Jackson although he is celebrated in American history as one of the leaders who spearheaded the fight and struggle for equality regardless of the social status many critics his tenure due to policies he established and enacted on the land reforms. He adopted policies that led to the displacement of many American Indians from their native land. It seemed to many like double standards since he appeared to hurt the same people he vowed to protect (Robertson, 2018). Most critics see President Andrew as a biased and double standard since even though he claimed to fight for the rights of the typical Americans, he also maintained a large number of slaves in his extensive farming land. Moreover, Andrew Jackson allowed the whipping of slaves to increase productivity in his farms.

While in office president Andrew Jackson passed many policies that almost brought businesses in South Carolina. The policies led to an increase of taxes to the farmers and business people of the state. The increased protective tariff was met with disgust, and many opted to take it into the street to show their displeasure. President Andrew responded to these grievances by staging a naval attack (Ratcliffe, 2018). The citizen of South Carolina was very displeased since they though president Andrew Jackson since he had several big businesses and farmlands in the area would at least consider lowering or total abolishing of the protective tariff since it affected his businesses too.

As shown in the essay above President Andrew Jackson although is one of the celebrated American presidents and renown leaders in American History he failed the general public and especially the common Americans. Ironically, he was elected due to his promises of establishing policies that would ensure equality to human and civil rights to all, regardless of the social status. In the end, it is evident President Andrew Jackson failed in the sole agenda that played a crucial role in making him the president.


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