Essay Sample of panel discussion: evaluation with the continued rising cases of climate change

Published: 2022-10-27
Essay Sample of panel discussion: evaluation with the continued rising cases of climate change
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The topic that will be reviewed is a panel discussion that happened in 2015 regarding the analysis of the relationship that exists between climate change and the ability of the human beings to enjoy the mental and physical health. The panel plays a significant role in raising the understanding of climate change effects and the attainment of health in the world. It also helps to make identification of the problems that states, the global community and other stakeholders in the world undergo as they work towards combating the adverse effects that result from the existence of the climate change effects (31st session of the Human Rights Council, 2015). The discussion also seeks to create awareness on the benefits that arise from managing the climate change issues and the practices that people in the world can undertake with the move to manage the adverse effects.

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There exist some features in this work that needs to be improved and one of them being the format that is used in making this panel discussion. When analyzing the discussion, the reader finds it hard to understand where the description has started and where it has ended. The first thing that needs to be done is the interpretation of the topic in a clear way for the reader to understand the point the discussion has started. The writer needs to start with the information that is known so that the reader can manage to relate to the information being discussed. These should be followed by the details that are not known, and they should be detailed information on what is known ensuring that the reader has a clear view of the details that are being analyzed. The main question has been introduced, but additional details need to be provided, and it has to be strategically placed in the paper. In this case, the reader has to go through the whole paper to know the main issue under discussion.

On the support and elaboration, additional details need to be provided on the effects of climate change. The details given on this topic are shallow meaning that there is a lot of information that has been left out to make the discussion worthwhile. Additionally, a discussion means making the argument on the benefits and the weakness that is presented by a given occurrence and in this case the climate change. It can be noted the occurrence of the climate change is beneficial for it drives the various relevant players to understand that their activities are damaging the environment. This calls for them to seek means of managing the problems at hand and ensuring that they undertake the necessary measures to reverse the situation. Some of the activities that they may be required to undertake may include reducing the use of materials like coal and fossils and moving towards the use of green energy like wind and geothermal powers. All these issues have not been raised in the information given in the discussion ( Moller, Fiedler & Berthold, 2010). The discussion only highlights the negative effects that arise from the occurrence of climate change causes, but there is no discussion on the strategies that can be adopted in managing the problems at hand. Additionally, details on the menace are no highlighted, and for someone who does not understand climate change, it may become hard to know how it can be managed and the action to take to avoid it.

The discussion had various features that were completed in the right way and it starts by describing the activities that will be covered in this discussion. They are all covered in the discussion meaning that the thesis statement given enables the reader to understand what will be analyzed in the body and conclusion of the paper. The discussion can be said to be focused on the primary information that will be conveyed at the beginning of the paper. The audiences start to read the paper having a clear view of the arguments that will be made. The other feature of the panel discussion that has been covered well is the effects of the climate changes. Even though they have not been covered in details, the discussion highlighted a good number of them making it is possible to understand the issues that human beings are likely to experience with the continued rising cases of climate change (Auerbach, 2017). The panel discussion was right to involve various stakeholders to give their view on what they think about the relationship that exists between the climate change and the ability of the human beings to enjoy quality health. These stakeholders managed to give their views through answering the questionnaires given, and the responses are given making sure that the reader gets a glimpse of the effects that people on different parts of the world are undergoing. The discussion has thus managed to show how the effects are spread throughout the world considering that the responses on the questionnaires given are from different states in various continents worldwide. Therefore, the discussion manages to give a clear view of the different effects that are felt globally.


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Moller, A. P., Fiedler, W., & Berthold, P. (2010). Effects of climate change on birds. Oxford: Oxford University Press.31st session of the Human Rights Council.(2015). Panel discussion on climate change and the right to health.

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