Trump's Immigration Policies: Impact on US Immigration - Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-28
Trump's Immigration Policies: Impact on US Immigration - Essay Example
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Immigration policy has undergone several changes from the time president Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States, the immigrant changes under Donald trump aim at cutting down the number of refugees, (Martin2007). The immigrant policy includes the banning of some countries especially the Muslims from visiting united state; reduce the number of immigrants in the united state, reversion of the declining arrest of unauthorized immigrants in united state and also enforcement of immigration law. Discussed below is the United States immigration policy under Donald Trump the changes and impacts.

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Changes in Immigrant Policy under Trump

President trump put in place a travel ban which prevented many citizens, especially from the Muslim community from Iran, Syria, and Somalia from the united state due to their terrorism history (Shear, 2017). The Iran administration fails to have cooperation with the US immigrant officials. The Libya citizens including immigrants and tourist will also be restricted due to their terrorist history. Somalia, on the other hand, is to be banned because of the political instability in Somalia and also link to a terrorist group. Venezuela even though it's a Catholic religion was also subjected to restriction but not subjected to banning; the reason was that the Venezuelan failed to verify citizenships of some of its citizens. The travel ban also includes the review of visa validity agreement.

Enhance immigration enforcement: Donald Trump signed an order which banned the aliens who have an unsolved criminal offense, those who have committed an act constituting a criminal offense, aliens subjected to abuse of public programs and also those who have not to their legal obligation to the united state including aliens convicted in any criminal offense.

Border security: President Trump Decided to build the southern border wall to provide border security, enforce the arrest of illegal entry, add patrons agents in the borders, in case detention equipment, and also tightening of paroles and asylum. So far, Trump has been able to build borders walls near San Diego, 125 miles new Congress have also been improved construction money has not to get looted on the construction of the new wall.

Buy American and hire American: Changes made In the H-1B temporary visa is that individual with H-1B can remain in the U.S for three years which one can get an extension up to 6 years, during that period they are required to work for their employers. Additionally individual should have a bachelor degree or a working experience of 12 years to acquire the H-1B visa. This reform was to ensure that H-1B is given to the highly skilled individual.

Impacts of US immigration policy under Trump

Immigration enforcement has led to the increasing number of individual arrest in that an average of 436 immigrants in a day were arrested between 2017 and 2018.also over 256000 people have been deported due to the changes made in immigration policy by Donald Trump (Sarah, 2019). Additionally, immigrant enforcement undermines the safety of the community because the police find no trust in them; this also encourages practices and discrimination to the immigrant who is not involved in a violation of the law.

The travel ban limited the people of other nations like Syria from visiting their friend in the U.S in than about 3742 spouses were denied a chance to visit their partners in the US. It has also denied visa application to those who wish to work or study in the U.S, the adopted children from those banned nations were also disadvantage because they were not allowed visit their parent (Swells, 2007). Additionally, due to the travel ban, I have led to decreasing number of visas given to immigrant from the nations banned by the administration of trump. This policy has also led to reductions in employment rate to 3.8 percent because the deported of an immigrant, (Pierce, 2007).

The changes in the border security led to temporary banned of federal employees to save money for the construction of the border. Over 42000 workers had to work without payment; hence most of them find it hard to gather for their personal needs. The shutdown had cost the US economy of about $3.6 billion (Sarah, 2019).

The H-1B immigration change affects the price of commodities especially in tech industries in that it led to increase the cost of labor also the companies in the U.S fear to lose the top employees who have no H-1B visa hence the reduction in the profit of these companies like Microsoft and Apple. Also, the policy could lead to export stagnation thus resulting from trading war across many industries. This policy will also lead to reducing labor hence lowering the outputs of different US companies.


In summary immigration policy under trump have impacted the economy of the united state in that it has led to reducing labor due to the restriction of visa in different countries, the different companies in the U.S have also lost their talented employers hence the reduction in the company's outputs. Additionally, it is noted that the immigrant enforcement has led to racial discrimination in that even those who have not committed the crime may be taken advantage by law enforcement officers.


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