Essay Example on Family Health Assessment

Published: 2019-11-18 12:05:34
Essay Example on Family Health Assessment
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The family health assessment is important because it provides an avenue for understanding the health problems being faced by a particular family member and also provides knowledge to understand the problems that might be facing the family members of the patient who undergoes family assessment. It is thus important to take a considerate time to assess the family's style, a structure for the formulation of an effective treatment plan. By understanding the patients family and the role regarding the health, will enable the treatment to be undertaken more effectively and efficiently (Bomar, 1996). It is of great importance to give the patient sufficient time to share their perceptions regarding the cause of the illness and how the illness can easily be undertaken. The paper focuses on family assessment which was undertaken at James Family, a resident of Texas.

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James argued that his health is important and he aspires to have good health throughout. According to him, it is important to feed well for a person to have good health. He has been trying his level best to ensure that the life he lives is healthy and allows him to accomplish the activities the activities of the day. To improve his life, he feeds on naturally farmed food which has not undergone the industry processing. His perception is health wellbeing as an important asset because when he has good health, he is in a position to accomplish the activities and assignments on a daily basis.

When James was asked what he understands about the balanced diet, he argued that it is the idea of taking food that contains all the nutrients required by the body to function well. According to him, it is important for an individual to take all the nutrients required by the body to stay fit and healthy. James perceives his well-being in a positive way. James explained that he takes nutritious food four times in a day. Taking balanced diet four times in a day is important for him because it ensures the body a continuous supply of nutrients. To achieve balance diet, James argued that he includes all the types of food in a single meal and this balances the nutrients required by the body.

Regarding the sleep, he said, he takes rests twice in a day, and he sleeps for about eight hours a day. He normally wakes up at five in the morning and engages in exercises before goes to work. When going for long calls, he said does not feel any pain but when going for short calls he sometimes feel mild pain which makes him worry (Bomar, 1996). Furthermore, he goes for long calls twice per day, but he goes for a short call on a regular basis.

What is more, James said that he engages in physical fitness regularly. As soon as he wakes up at five in the morning, he goes to do exercises, and the exercises are mean for improving the physical fitness and healthy being. He engages in physical fitness three times in a day, and the exercises are also done three days in a week. Exercise are significant for promoting the healthy being of an individual. On cognitive issues, James said he does not have any problem with the thinking and him normally in normal thinking. The normal thinking shows that there are no chances of madness disease (Hernandez, 2013). However, he said he sometimes feel a mild headache but that was considered normal since everybody at one point in time have a mild headache. When interacting with people, James answers questions in a normal way and thus the possibility of contracting madness diseases was eliminated.

When James was interviewed regarding the sensory perception, he said that he normally have problems regarding the sensory organs. The feeling has gown down, and this was a problem that required an immediate address. He perceived the problem as a family problem since his mother had experience that problems sometimes back and those both were referred for immediate treatment. The challenge that was found from him was that he does not visit the hospital on a regular basis but just make the visit once in a while. As compared to other people, James views himself as less important than other people in his society because of his body conditions. Therefore has a negative relationship with other people which makes him have depression. Furthermore, the relationship between James and other members of the family was also found to be negative. Being a male person, James views the opposite sex as unimportant in the society and thus he has a negative perception towards them. The sexual orientation towards his family members is also negative and has proven that he requires immediate counseling to make him relate well with other members of the society. When he is offended by the person of opposite sex, James wishes to kill him rather than making a consultation. Thus, he might be developing diabetic conditions. To address the stress, James normally goes for clubs to drink with his colleagues thinking that the activity solves his stress. When having a poor appetite, James sleeps without talking to any of his family members regarding the condition. Instead of visiting a doctor when having poor health, James keeps the problem to himself and does not even expose it to their family members. Thus, he suffers from an unusual condition that requires counseling for him to lead a healthy life (Kaakinen, 2010).


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1. Values, Health Perception

How do you think about your health?

What do you do to improve your health status?

How do you perceive your wellbeing?

2. Nutrition

What do you understand about balance diet?

How many times do you take food per day?

What do you to ensure that you achieve balance diet?

3 Sleep/Rest

When do you have your rest/sleep?

At what time do you wake up?

On average, how many hours do you sleep?

4. Elimination

How regularly do you go for long calls?

How regularly do you go for short?

Do you feel any pain when having short or long calls?

5. Activity/ Exercise

Do you engage in exercise?

If so at what time?

How many times do you have exercise per week?

6. Cognitive

Do you have any problem with your thinking?

Do you sometimes have a headache?

How long do you take before answering a question when you are asked?

7. Sensory-Perception

Do you have some problems with your sensory organs or you feel okay when touched by someone?

How do you perceive when you feel that you have a problem with your senses?

How often do you visit the doctor?

8. Self-Perception

How do you see yourself compared to other people?

What do you do to ensure that you improve your self-perception?

Do you think your self-perception is important with regards to health?

9. Role Relationship?

How do you see other people?

Do you normally interact with other people?

How do you relate with other members of your family?

10. Sexuality

How do you view members of opposite sex?

What is your sexual orientation towards your family members of opposite sex?

When you feel offended by a person of opposite sex, what do you do?

11. Cope

How do you cope with stress?

How do you cope with poor appetite?

How do you cope with poor health?

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