Free Essay Sample on Alexander the Great

Published: 2023-11-25
Free Essay Sample on Alexander the Great
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Alexander the Great is a historical drama film that was released on April 4th, 1956. It was directed and produced by Robert Rossen, and it was about the Macedonian King and general Alexander the Great. The movie is based on the life of Alexander the Great. He was the Macedonian King who led the ancient Greek city-states to unity and took them to war against the Persian empire. The King was almost invincible, where he concurred most of the cities and regions, creating a vast empire that spread from India to Balkans.

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Demosthenes of Athens, a Greek orator, has planned a takeover and invasion for resistance against King Philip II of Macedon. Phillip II is informed that his wife, Olympus, has given birth to a son who is thought to be a “god.” The King is angry as he suspects that his wife had committed adultery; hence the and Olympus was not impregnated by a god. Regardless, the King is advised to let the son, Alexander, grow up and become the next ruler.

Alexander receives education and instruction on logic, mathematics, history, and other aspects while growing in Aristotle, Mieza. He is an aggressive young boy who is eager to rule and even tells Achilles that he would rather live a short, glorious life than a long obscure one. His father sent him to Pella, the Macedonian capital, to rule on his behalf when away fighting wars (Burgoyne, 2011). It was so that Olympus could not spread rumors that his husband had died. At this time, Alexander uses the opportunity to rule how he pleased; he neither followed the style of his mother or father. Alexander, later on, fought alongside his father and, after the win, demanded that the Greek city-state should go against Pella, where they would give ships, arms, and men to for another fight against Persia.

Phillip marries Eurydice after divorcing Olympias due to unfaithfulness, and the former is made the new queen. The move creates a tussle between Philip and Alexander, not only because there are people who think he is a bastard. Philip II is assassinated by Pausanias, who is also killed by Alexander instantly. It is here that Alexander assumes leadership as the overall King. During his reign, Alexander did many things, such as exiling Memnon and trying to conquer Asia.

Nevertheless, Alexander is prideful as his paranoia and arrogance heighten. His leadership and reign brought to a halt after killing Cleitus, his close friend, during an argument while drunk. He becomes grief-stricken and loses several men while going to Babylon from India. He later falls sick after marrying Roxane. While dying, he hoped the empire would be left “to the strongest.”


The culture that is portrayed is that of the ancient Greeks. It was mainly a caste and patriarchal society in which men and women both have distinct roles. The Greek city-states were mostly independent and were not reliant on the outside world for most of their supplies. They often conquered to get whatever they needed and had a king for their own in which they were often separated from water, hills, and mountains. The people were mostly unified with traditions such as fights in the Arena as could be seen in the movie, Alexander the Great.


The movie portrays that the Greek people in cities lived such that religion played a rather significant aspect of their lives. It was a Greek ancient world in which religion was present, direct, and personal all every life area. Temples were almost present in all the urban landscapes and artistic competitions; national sporting and city festivals were relatively frequent. As such, religion was inscribed all over. The temples were set aside as places where faith took formal tone, especially on special occasions. The Greek communities worshipped the gods in sacred sites and temples during ceremonies presided by priests and other attendants.

Socio-Economic Conditions

Based on the movie, the economic condition was mainly reliant on trading and wars. Those people who were lower in society would earn their living by selling various commodities to sustain their lives. The people were also dependent on the rulers, such as the King’s assistants, to give them directives on how they should lead their lives. People loved social occasions and, in most cases, would bond through most of the functions that were being carried within the kingdom.

Political Structure

The movie portrays the political structure based on various aspects of the people, mostly being led in groups depending on the regions. For instance, there were different cities that King Philip and Alexander could attack at other times to get reign over them. Ideally, these cities also had their rulers, and it is only through conquest that these rulers would surrender their different regions of authority. War played a significant part in ruling and politics, and those who had the strength were let to rule over everyone else. Also, power was transferred through heirs, especially the ruling kings’ first-born sons, when they die.

What the Movie Teaches

Robert Rossen makes heroic endeavor meant to illustrate the life of the most excellent Titans that ever lived. Through the movie, there are many things to learn, especially in people’s ways of life during the early times. The film is meant to portray the real-life of Alexander the Great, who lived in 356 BC. The movie’s events show how great of a king Alexander was and how people lived during the time regarding religion, politics, and economic structures.

The movie is supposed to be historically accurate, especially as it is an event that most people are interested in. Nevertheless, the plot tried to portray most of the events that took place during the time of Alexander the Great when he was born, until he became a king at 20 years, and later died after a long reign of conquest. Even though the events are not outright accurate, the movie director tried to create a masterpiece of real-life events. The actor portrays a dominant structure that gives a glimpse of what Alexander might have actually been. At the same time, various aspects of the movie reveal that the directors tried to make it as accurate as possible on the events that ensued during the era.


Thus, the viewer is meant to be impacted by the movie’s event by grasping and witnessing the things that happened during ancient times when Alexander the Great was the King. It is worth noting that the particular perspective that the movie tries to portray is how the old Greek people lived their lives and Alexander the Great’s life.


Burgoyne, R. (2011). The epic film in world culture. Routledge.

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