Free Essay with a Summary of Native American Culture Related to Addiction

Published: 2022-06-17
Free Essay with a Summary of Native American Culture Related to Addiction
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143 views website opines that resiliency amongst Native Americans resulted in the need for recovery amongst Native youth, particularly those living in the Bay area. Much focus is presented on the American Indian/Alaska Natives who lived in urban communities (SAMHSA, 2018). They are portrayed to have a cultural disconnect from their cultural heritage and less access to other cultural-specific resources. This situation also alienated them from cultural beliefs and activities which led to substance misuse.

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Native youths who grew up in the cities were equally opined to be isolated, something which influenced some choices they made and the eventual misuse of drugs. They were racially discriminated and employed on low wages hence greater risks of resorting to alcoholism and taking to gang activities. These risks attracted the attention of Native American Cultural Values and Practices which created an opportunity where the Native Youths could gather and reconnect with their cultural heritage. NAHC recognized an interest in nurturing a safe environment that was free from inner distractions to emphasize on awareness of the Native American Cultural Values and Practices with objectives of building resiliency and interconnectedness (SAMHSA, 2018). Nonetheless, website went further to give an understanding of the historical trauma and a description of the cumulative psychological and emotional wounding that existed amongst many generations. In-Depth research in history was facilitated by an entity known as, Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) which reviewed a historical timeline that was not commonly taught amongst the K-12 programs. Its primary goal was on helping Native Americans understand why they underwent various challenges and how they could overcome them.

Comparison and Contrast of what is learned from and other readings website first confirms the need for resiliency amongst Native Americans thus agreeing with facts from other readings about their (Native Americans) lifestyle. Difficulty and suffering marked their lives. Equally notable, other readings confirmed that Native Americans were deeply rooted in various cultural activities (Moghaddam, Momper & Fong, 2015). Some included the practice of religion, cultural dances and Pow Wow ceremonies to mention but a few. Such was also echoed in website though not specific to various culture, but there were depictions of Natives being grounded on their cultural beliefs, a situation which made their youths who lived in urban areas feel isolated and resort to drug abuse.

Points on Contrast website gave a general analysis of Native American culture and how it impacted their (Native Americans) lives particularly those who lived in the urban areas while other readings focused on the specific activities. For example, Natives (Indians) interaction with Christopher Columbus and their subsequent resistance. A concern on resiliency equally gave a contrast. website failed in giving reasons for it, but in other readings like Trails of Tears and Andrew Jackson's era as U.S. president between 1829 and 1837, there were depictions of sufferings amongst Natives thus justifying concern for resiliency.


In summary, both website and other readings confirmed that Native Americans underwent various struggles and suffering. Those who lived in urban areas experienced a cultural disconnect, a situation that led to drug and substance abuse. There were also points of comparisons and contrasts as noted therein. website and information derived from other readings confirmed that Native Americans resorted to drug abuse due to cultural disconnects and discriminations. They equally differed on concerns about resiliency, while website gave a general discussion concerning it, the other readings like Trails of Tears focused on various humiliations which Native Americans got subjected.


Moghaddam, J. F., Momper, S. L., & Fong, T. W. (2015). Crystalizing the role of traditional healing in an urban Native American health center. Community mental health journal, 51(3), 305-314.

SAMHSA, (2018). Gathering of Native Americans Builds Resiliency amongst Native Youth in the Bay Area. Retrieved from

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