The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Free Essay

Published: 2023-01-19
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Free Essay
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Politics always has a major concern and topic in most of the well-known and recognized television shows and episodes that target and address the most relevant domestic and politically related issues that face their country. Politics is a field that gathers and attracts major discussion and critics because it is a field that directly reflects the nature of society and the legislation that is in place to govern and protect the livelihoods of its citizens. These are topics that relate to the daily activities of society and the measures and the effects it has on the people that they are set to address. This multimodal argument essay will thus look at the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and look at his discussion with one political figure Tomi Lahren on the views of black lives, Donald Trump, and the health care issue that had raised jitters in entire American and beyond. The essay will focus on the major claims of their discussion, evaluation of the evidence of their discussions, and also the assumptions that were taken from the show. The format of their conversation and discussion will also be a point of concern because it will help analyze if it was a driver to the success of the show or failure of it in any way. (Richmond, Julia C., and Douglas V. Porpora, 9)

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Trevor Noah has always had a very tough time proving that he can hold on to the daily show just like his predecessor was as the host. It is a platform an audience where matters that affect the domestic community, and the lives of Americans are all discussed. In most cases, political personnel and commentators like Tomi Lahren are put in the bench to discuss and share their views on certain political matters that are essential in the lives of Americans and a reflection to the entire world since America is the leading continent in the universe. In the long and challenging interview with Trevor Noah, the major claims that were discussed included the movement on black lives to her comparison with the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was an uprising among the Republicans who were protesting for the equitable treatment of blacks even though the majority of the Republicans were not in that move. Black lives movement was an uprising that was started by the black community in the United States to champion and advocate for the equality of the black race to the other races in the United States. The other major topics that were covered in the show included the Obama healthcare which had elicited several reactions especially from the Republicans who thought Obamacare was too soon and that is why most of them like Tomi Lahren were against the health care bill by former president Obama.

The other major concern in their discussion was on protests, the laws on immigration, and the media. Looking at these major topics that were discussed, they are all topics that cover most of the concern of the domestics' citizens of the country. The political alignment to all these matters is what brought Tomi Lahren to the table discusses and their views on the above matters are relevant to the citizens of the Country. Lahren was brought to the bench in the show to tell his views on the equity of black movement and the Obama healthcare for she was against them. The declared assumptions in the show with Lahren was that she was evidently in opposition to the blacks movement on their equity with the rest of the races in the country. The resistances of Lahren to the major claims mentioned during the show are some of the assumptions that can be collected from the discussion of the daily show. (Anderson, Karrin Vasby, 12)

The oral format, especially from Trevor Noah toward Lahren, was a major advantage to the success of the highly debated discussion. Trevor Noah demonstrated politeness and etiquette during the discussion which saw success throughout the entire show. During the show, Noah creatively interviews Lahren without any bit of aggression toward his guest. His oral etiquette saw him challenge his guest to some issues while at the same time proving to be the best interview, especially to very critical political aspects like those of the movement of the black's lives. At some point, Trevor had to press Lahren tor to air her thoughts on what was her view on the black community having that Lahren was a critic of the movement. His great articulate nature and polite oral technique saw the show become a success and of the major political shows that ever happened.


Politics and the airing of the matters of domestic matters have been the center of the Daily show ever since it was created. The show has been a great asset in the evaluation of major claims of the black community and American politics in general through the discussions that the host Trevor Noah carries out with his guests from the political fraternity. His great oral format and mastery have helped in the success of major shows and discussions that require great keenness in the manner of discussion that he conducts with his guest speakers. In most cases, the show talks about issues that are relevant to the domestic aspect of the American community.


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Richmond, Julia C., and Douglas V. Porpora. "Entertainment Politics as a Modernist Project in a Baudrillard World." Communication Theory (2019).

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