Paediatrics Residency Personal Statement

Published: 2023-03-14
Paediatrics Residency Personal Statement
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Over the years, I have developed an immense interest in paediatrics. Not because of the prestigiousness associated with it, but because of the tremendous joy it gives me to serve patients, their families and my community at large. I have attained a medical school education from the Dubai Medical School for Girls in the United Arab Emirates and later interned at the Dubai Health Authority. Moreover, I have supplemented my education with a variety of other extra-curricular activities.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Among these include; my passion for sports. Under my captainship, my school won the national basketball championship solidifying my love for sports. In addition to this, I have great enthusiasm for fitness and training. Aside from training for my personal growth, I have also invested in helping others achieve good health and fitness. Among those, I have helped is a close friend who I helped manage her migraines by encouraging continuous exercises to supplement her medication. This effectively helped her gain control of the headaches. Not to mention, I have invested a lot of time in creating weight and diet management programs suited for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) (Ehrmann, 2005), and obese patients.

Aside from supplementing my medical education with the extra-curricular activities, I have also volunteered in several programs and attended numerous conferences to solidify my knowledge and experience. Some of the volunteering programs I have had the privilege of being part of include; the Darul Yathama which is an orphanage in India. Here, I acted as a health ambassador and even helped adolescent children by guiding and counselling them through this crucial phase.

In addition to that, I was able to educate hundreds of children on personal hygiene, physical fitness and mental health. It is because of the immense knowledge that these children gain that I continue to do what I do with tremendous passion and determination. Other programs in which I have been an active volunteer include the Greens Special School in India where we helped children with special needs and the Abtaal Al Jalila in Dubai.

Conferences Attended

Conferences are meant to solidify and even spark an interest in an individual by focusing on some of the most important aspects of a specific field. I have validated my knowledge in the paediatrics field by attending several conferences such as; the third Emirates Diabetes and Endocrinology Congress, the 2nd Emirates International Orthopaedics Conference, the Hatta Hospital Hypertension Conference among others. I believe that the skills I have, have greatly improved through the knowledge that I have attained by attending these conferences.

I am looking forward to a paediatrics residency because I have come to appreciate the importance of taking care of other people as well as my community at large. I am particularly interested in addressing the many health diaparencies that exist across the health sector in different parts of the world. As such, I hope that once I have completed my time as a paediatrics resident, will be able to work with people from low-income families who are disadvantaged and who have not been able to acquire the best medical care over the years. I would have loved to work in the United States at the end of my residency unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I will not be able to.

Volunteering Programs

I am sufficiently confident that I have the necessary skills, attributes and the drive to become a successful paediatrician. Through the volunteering programs and conferences I have had the pleasure of attending, I have discovered that I can work well with people from various backgrounds and different cultures. As I have come to learn, caring should not be selective, and no person should be denied the care they deserve based on their gender race or religion. Moreover, I have learned to work with other people in teams, and by doing so, I have appreciated the efforts of other people and even learnt to respect them more.

Further Education and Certification

Even with my strong desire to begin paediatrics residency, I have had the pleasure of continuing my education and becoming certified in various fields. Among the certification I have received is; a certified youth trainer from International Sports and Science Association, certified special strong fitness trainer from the American Council of Exercise, an Autism exercise specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine, an online certification on patient safety from John Hopkins University and a certification in cognitive fitness certification from Harvard medical online among others.


In conclusion, my goal is to become part of a residency training program that promotes development and growth in a large academic setting located in an urban environment. This I believe, will offer me an opportunity to work with a diverse pool of people, explore different fellowship opportunities as well as be able to enjoy the life of living in a metropolitan area during and after the residency. I do hope to work in a similar environment and further my interests in academic teaching, clinical practice and public health.


Ehrmann, D. A. (2005). Polycystic ovary syndrome. New England journal of medicine, 352(12), 1223-1236.

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