Design of A-Segment Options

Published: 2022-04-01
Design of A-Segment Options
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Qualitative data is one that is not presented in numerical form. However, it is useful in supporting quantitative data. The Maruti Suzuki India uses qualitative information that helps in explaining particular quantitative aspects in details. This essay provides qualitative data used in the Maruti Suzuki India case study useful in addressing the business research problem and how it can be used to develop a research design for the A-Segment options.

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Qualitative Data in Maruti Suzuki India Case Study

Two tables in the case study that can be used to inform the research question include exhibit 1 and exhibit 13. Exhibit I provides data regarding details of the segments in Indian car market. The qualitative data in this table useful for answering the research question entail the description of the products, consumer requirement, and specific attributes. In the product section, the researcher can find the different categories of the A- Segment car options. The descriptions provided in this table support the A-segment options and elaborates on the various attributes the researcher will be seeking on the case study when designing.

Exhibit 13 provides details on the product development choices. It is qualitative data that is useful in informing the research question as it explains the A-Segment value proposition, price, target market and competitive retaliation. Also, details on the strategic role of the products as well as the limitations of the particular choice made by the researcher are other qualitative data from the table that informs the research questions.

Usefulness of the Qualitative Data in Developing a Research Design

The qualitative data from the two tables will be useful in coming up with a research design that answers the research question. A research design entails the overall strategy that a researcher selects to integrate the various elements of the study in a manner that is coherent and logical for efficiently addressing the research question. A research design describes the data collection, measurement, and analysis approach that the researcher will use in the study.

Based on the definition of research design, the qualitative data from the Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 13 in the Maruti Suzuki India case study will be useful for the researcher to understand they type data collection method to be used in designing A-Segment options. In this case, an exploratory case study design will be used in the study to answer the 'what' questions that are emerging from the qualitative data. For instance, the researcher will want to understand what type of products are entailed in the A-Segment options? Further, the researcher will also want to answer the questions on what are the consumer requirements and specific attributes of products from the A-Segment Options. Then, Exhibit 1 will provide the qualitative data that the researcher will be seeking for answering the research question. In that case, historical data will be found to obtain information to answer the research question. The documentary data collection method will be suitable for the particular study that seeks to understand about histories of the Maruti Suzuki India Company.

The qualitative data from Exhibit 13 also supports answering the research question by helping the researcher develop a research design. Similar to Exhibit 1, Exhibit 13 provides qualitative data that answers the 'what' questions arising from the study hypothesis. From the A-Segment options, the researcher will want to obtain information on what are the value propositions for the products, their price, target market and competitive retaliation. The qualitative data also informs the study on the strategic role of the product and limitation of choice. Using data from this table, the researcher will obtain answers to the above questions. Since the questions are on 'what' aspects, the research design will be developed based on historical data to be traced over time. The exploratory case study design will help the researcher in developing the pertinent hypothesis and propositions that the quantitative data aims at proving.

The qualitative data also inform the development of the research design as a non-numeric measurement of data will take place. The researcher will not use statistical methods to measure the collected information about the A-Segment options. The analysis of the data will be content or thematic analysis because it is in the form of notes and explanations from the identified histories about the Maruti Suzuki India Company.

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