Law Essay Example: The Case of Adnan

Published: 2019-05-21
Law Essay Example: The Case of Adnan
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Nothing in this world gives someone the audacity to take someone's right to live. Murder is a crime that can never be tolerated at any circumstance. If one is found guilty of murder he must undergo the state's penalties concerning murder. Firstly, I am basing my research on nonfictional series named serial. Adnan Masud Seyd is the mentioned murder convict in the series. Despite the many turns and twists in his case, I still believe he is guilty. This comes out from several events which pointed fingers at him. One perfect example is the letters exchanged between him and Hae Min Lee together with the phone calls made on the day of the murder.

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Adnan has been in prison for the last fifteen years. He is in jail for the murder of his girlfriend Lee. According to information provided by Margaret also known as Meg, an art teacher at the Woodlawn High School, Adnan was a brilliant and calm student who could never be seen picking on other students. This may be true but according to the prosecutions evidence based on a testimony by Cathy, Adnan was under the influence of marijuana on that day which meant that that he was in his right state of mind. Events that leading to the note written I am going to kill might have caused him so much depression and bitterness. By that time he wasnt in his right senses and this could force him to strangle Lee to death. This action was under the influence of marijuana and in is sober state this are things he wasnt capable of doing. As a result, he really panicked and didnt know what to do, so he opted to call Jay and tell him about it.

In this case, Jays testimony is seen very inconsistent but this doesnt mean that he is not telling the truth. Two things might have affected the consistency of his story in my point of view; first of all Adnan is his friend, so he is not sure if testifying against his own friend is the right thing to do, yet he trusted him so much to tell him about such a heavy matter. Secondly, according to Meg who describes Jay as being her favorite student, Jay isnt good in dealing with police and she further comments Jay was paranoid of the police and didnt trust them at all. This clearly shows that Jay was trying to be extra careful. He decided to act this way because he didnt know how the police would take the information. As a result he intentionally left out some parts of the days events which were somehow important to the case.

The prosecutions dates are also contradicting at some points, but this is not solid enough to be used as a solemn reason to brand the entire evidence against Adnan as vague. It can as well be a memory deficit as described by Miller, the Associate Dean of Faculty Development at the University Of South Carolina School Of Law .Miller says that witness testimonies recorded few minutes after occurrence of crime contradict each other because the pictures of the events are still fresh in mind.. This means that we cant conclude Adnan is innocent based on something normal like contradicting dates.

Another unusual thing is Adnan doesnt remember almost everything that took place on 13th January 1999 and the people giving testimonies about what happened on that day are giving a contradicting series of events. However it is known that the police gave him a phone call on that particular day. The question that comes into play is How comes he didnt say anything? at this point it is clear that he knew something was wrong somewhere and that if he said anything related to the case he might fall into a trap by himself.

Both Adnan and Jay had given their side of the story. When Meg, who knew the two very well, was asked, whose story she believed, this is what she said, I believe Jays story but I believe Seyds story too. When she was asked to give a clearer opinion she claimed that Jays story made more sense but she didnt want to say that she can tell who is a murderer. Some people judging from the outlook of both Jay and Seyd and this drove them to the conclusion that jay was the this situation, the truth is Jay had no motive for killing Lee and the only person possibly with a motive for killing her was Adnan. Meg once said that Jay Wilds might have appeared wild but deep inside he was a good kid, and anyone who took their time to understand him would say the same.

Most recently, Adnans legal team had been persuading the Maryland Court of Special Appeals to transfer the case back to a lower court so that they can file a request for its reopening. Their aim is for the Baltimore City Circuit court to consider Asia McClains affidavit filed in January in which she was willing to testify on the case. The court of special appeals granted them their wish. The question we should ask ourselves is why now? Why wasnt she allowed to testify before yet the testimony stated that Asia was at the library with Seyd at the time of the killing? Definitely this shows that the defence team sensed of some information in the testimony that would have interfered with their plan.

On the day of the reopening of the case, Asia says that she tried to give Christina Gutierrez, Adnans attorney this information but she ignored her. In her defence, Adnan says that Gutierrez had made a series of missteps on the case severally but that one seems to make no sense lawyer ignores such an important piece of information for no reason? Its clear that omitting such information was their original plan and now that it didnt work, they are trying to use a new game plan. This statement is strongly supported by the fact an assistant state attorney taking part in the case made sure that Asia didnt appear in Adnans original post-conviction hearings in 2012.These are crystal clear efforts of trying to strangled the. In my own view the request for the reopening of the case and the late acceptance of the formerly ignored evidence by Adnans legal team is an act of desperation.

In conclusion Adnan Masud Seyd is guilty and should serve his term in jail willingly, and really hope that wherever Lees is, she can still forgive him. The evidence brought in this case shows that he was responsible for her murder and he really cannot blame anyone else for it .All the events somehow brings Adnan to the test so I still stand with my conclusion that he is guilty.




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