Local Solutions to Global Problem - Free Essay on Air Pollution

Published: 2019-06-24
Local Solutions to Global Problem - Free Essay on Air Pollution
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The planet Earth has become the most insecure place to live due to the increase in global warming. However, the ecosystem is full of multiple contaminations which arise as a result of pollution. There are three commonly known types of pollutions that normally pollutes the environment and leads to global warming, they involve air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. In this case, air pollution is the leading cause of global warming hence it has effects on human beings and the nation. Arguably, the pollutants of air pollution endanger human health whereby they cause illness related to respiratory. On the other hand, it affects the economy as the nations government sets aside a large amount of funds to aid curbing the rate of pollution. Consequently, it is also considered as a major problem to farmers since it contributes to acidic rain which affects growth of their crops. On contrary to this context, I am a victim of air pollution effects, while living nearby a tanning factory; I contracted a respiratory disease which was caused by inhaling emission of unpurified smoke that came from the factory. This affected our financial status while getting the medical attention since it was very expensive to treat a respiratory disease. Moreover, air pollution is global burden that should not be overlooked; hence the environmental departments should impose regulatory by-laws and organize civil education to enlighten the citizens and agents of pollution.

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Air pollution is considered as the greatest environmental threat that endangers health and economy of the communities. It results from the influence of both human and natural factors. Wind erosion, pollen dispersal, volcanic eruptions and forest fires are some of the natural factors that cause air pollution while human factors are emission from factories, vehicles, burning fossil fuels, agricultural activities and indoor household activities. However, most of the air pollution is caused by human factors mentioned above. For instance, manufacturing and power plants emits a large amount of gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and organic compounds through smoke and fumes which are released. In addition, burning of fossil fuels also contributes greatly to air pollution; it contains both primary and secondary pollutants. Vehicles are very essential in human life as they are relied for transportation purposes besides they emits fumes which contains a lot of dangerous gases that may greatly cause harm to human beings since they deplete the quality of air. In general point of view, the effects of air pollution are alarming and endangering human and environment greatly. For instance, it causes respiratory diseases and heart problems among other health threats. Research shows that many have died from diseases caused by the effects of air pollution whereby children are commonly affected when exposed to air pollutants and they commonly suffer from pneumonia and asthma. In addition, other effect such as global warming and depletion of ozone layer affects both the environment and the living creatures exposing living organisms to major threats. (Rom)

Consequently, solutions have been imposed in the past to control the rate of air pollution. For instance, the 2012 plan of National Resource Defense Council to proposal on how to cut carbon pollution from Americas power plants was considered as an effective, affordable and flexible approach that could achieve greater reductions of carbon pollution in the air. However, the main purpose of this proposal was to cut emission of carbon pollution in air under the clean air Act. In addition, it is projected to cut 26 percent of carbon pollution from the power sector by 2020. As a result, this would create more jobs and lower the utility bills of electricity. ("Power Plant Pollution, Clean Air Act | NRDC")

On the other hand, there are various local solutions that can be effective, affordable and flexible in solving this problem of air pollution. Firstly, the possible solution is to encourage people to adopt use of public mode of transportation to reduce pollution. Vehicles normally use fossil fuel which emits dangerous gases when burnt. These gases pose threats to human health and environment in general; therefore reducing the number of vehicles in a given particular place will reduce the rate of air pollution. This initiative would be implemented by conducting advertisement in social media platforms or broadcasting them in order to enlighten and encourage the public to adopt public means of transport and car pooling which involves sharing of a private vehicle. In addition, people who own private vehicles and those intending to acquire new vehicles are the targets group of the advertisements. Unfortunately, some people would not agree with the idea due to factors such as status quo and effectiveness which will hinder this initiative. ("Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution | Conserve-Energy-Future")

Encouraging people to conserve energy is the second solution to enact. This will have significance in reducing the rate of pollution which is caused by burning of fossil fuels. Switching off the lights and other electrical appliance will be effective in conserving the energy and as a result less fossil fuel would be burnt to generate electricity. This is an initiative that would be implemented by the whole community since it is reliable and practical. Conducting campaigns and advertisement will help to enlighten many people and educate them on the importance of conserving energy. However, ignorance by people is an expected to make this initiative effective. ("Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution | Conserve-Energy-Future")

The third possible solution should be to impose regulatory and legislative measures by organizations that are responsible for environment. This rules should be reflect measures on and actions to be taken to those who pollute air by releasing harmful chemicals. Furthermore, this solution is directly subjected to industries and power plants. It is projected to be an effective and reliable but an expensive initiative that would be fully effective since it will cost the responsible bodies a lot of funds to implement it. ("Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution | Conserve-Energy-Future")

In conclusion, air pollution is the greatest global burden since it causes global warming and poses threats to community health. However, most people lack information based on factors that causes air pollution therefore conducting civil education and putting regulatory measures through would help in reducing the rate of air pollution. Logically, it causes great loss in a country by affecting its economy and increasing the rate of morbidity and mortality in country. If immediate measure wont be taken to implement the possible solutions thus the future generation would eventually be at greater risk.

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