Free Essay Example: Increasing Diversity in the Workplace

Published: 2023-03-06
Free Essay Example: Increasing Diversity in the Workplace
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Increasing diversity in the workplace is the right business decision. According to the McKinsey report, those companies that chose top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were doing better financially as compared to those with lower gender diversity. Recent studies indicate that nonhomogeneous teams are smarter due to diversity in the workplace (Rock et al., 2016).

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Reasons why diverse teams are smarter:

Focusing more on facts

Individuals from different backgrounds may change the behaviour of a group hence leading to improved and more accurate group thinking. Diverse teams are likely able to re-examine facts and remain objective while encoring greater scrutiny of the actions of every member (Rock et al., 2016). Thus it keeps the member's joint cognitive resources sharp and vigilant. It allows the employees to become aware of their potential biases.

Processing the facts more carefully

Diversity alters how the whole team process information that is required for making the best decisions. According to scientists, diverse teams usually outperform homogenous groups when making decisions because of diverse team process information more carefully.

They are more innovative.

Innovation significantly enables businesses to compete effectively. Hiring women and culturally diverse team members helps to boost the capacity of industry in transforming itself and its products. Therefore increased cultural diversity is considered to be a benefit to innovativeness (Rock et al., 2016). When employees are enriched with representatives from diverse genders, nationalities, and races, it boosts the company's joint intellectual potential.

Strategies used to manage my team in the classroom.

Student's voice

This is where every member in the team is given the power to openly express his or her issue and make their own choices. For example, when we are discussing adapting to new changes in the workplace as a group, every member is allowed to present his or her grievances. Therefore, when every team member's idea is valued, it does not only enhance his or her lesson with fresh ideas but also develops his or her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Positivity and reward

Adoption of a positive mindset and highlighting team members in the classroom to behave obediently effectively encourages other students in the classroom to conform. The positive working model helps students in the classroom to be motivated and try their best in all class activities.


Developing Planning is what impacted me the most. Developing planning entails strategic, measurable goals that a community, an individual, or an organisation is planning to attain within a given time. Therefore, managerial skills are essential in achieving developing planning, and this was the assessment that impacted me most (Bode et al., 2018). My management abilities were grouped into three categories as per the evaluation, which includes low, medium, and high based mainly on my present occupation, profession, and priority level for impending progress. The skills that fall under low-level include empathy, conflict management, group management, pattern recognition, oral communication, and written communication. Therefore I was able to learn my weak point and put in more effort to improve them. Mainly, communication is the most vital skill for managers in communicating effectively to employees who work under them as individual skills are essential in communicating effectively in both verbal and written form. The medium category involved efficiency orientation, initiative, self-control, adaptability, and networking. These aspects are very crucial in management a self-control skill empowers the managers to identify, face, and overcome various problems arising at the workplace.

By understanding and displaying good management abilities helps an individual to position himself or herself for a successful career no matter the level and individual is starting at. Hence it is crucial to learn the role of good management skills plays in the workplace. The assessors scored me differently according to various management abilities, which enabled me to realize the areas I am strong, and those are I am weak so that I can improve on them. The use of technology fell on high categorization because technology is a keyword for every company. I consider it an achievement to be to score an average of 3.25 because a company's competitors are always striving to develop the best new products and services ahead of you. Hence businesses that innovate usually stay at the top of the pack, therefore, netting new customers with their fresh offerings, thus keeping their customers happy with their endless selection of upgrades (Mauro, 2017). The concepts of this management skill are essential to both managers and students taking management classes as it prepares them for future roles.


Daniel Goleman contends that emotional intelligence is key to work performance and adapting to change at the workplace. There are massive changes that are occurring at the workplace and in global microeconomic trends that require emotional intelligence for adaptation. Hence, those changes trigger strong emotions that promote tunnel vision and narrow employees' productive changes. Therefore, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and social management are essential concepts for adapting to change (Cherniss & Goleman, 2001). Awareness mainly focuses on noticing reactions and responses to events and people, which entails taking in information and observations. On the other hand, the management concept needs conscious decisions about how to act. Emotional Intelligence helps leaders in learning and developing talent, which is significant in assisting other individuals to cope with change such as globalization, automation, restructuring, changing business models, and new technologies. Change management is a process to accelerate the productive adoption of change. Therefore, adapting to change is inevitable as it produces strong emotions as stakeholders assess how change means to them. There is an expectation of a dip in productivity as individuals strive to cope with frustrations, denial, and confusion before successfully becoming engaged to the new beginnings (Cherniss & Goleman, 2001). Change communication is vital when it is relevant and consistent with the people in the organization. Learning leaders and change managers play a crucial role in helping managers to conduct productive conversations that promote decisive action. Therefore, emotional intelligence in change management mitigates stress, increases learning ability, improves employee recognition, make better decisions, and take productive action.


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