Essay Sample on Cell Phones Usage in School

Published: 2019-08-28
Essay Sample on Cell Phones Usage in School
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With mobile phone companies offering attractive presents and packages to its potential customers, students find it hard to ignore them especially phones with the latest technology, games and the ability to access the internet. Students are interested in the world of modern technology whereby they can download music, access the internet and play games too. Since the students go school, they still carry their cell phones with and a lot of tutors complain that the cell phone is acting as a distraction especially when used in the classroom during teaching sessions.

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Students who are using cell phones do not mind whether the cell phones are dangerous or not. Cell phones impact on the education of the students because they are not able to concentrate on their learning and studying. Also, mobile phones damage their learning patters and more often lead to a disintegration of their thinking. In most cases, most high schools ban the use of the mobile phones in the school compound, but students always find ways of snicking them into the school compound. In order to deal with the issue of cell phones in schools permanently, teachers impose punishments to the students who are found with mobile phones in schools (Aoki, 2003).

Most teachers ignore the problem of cell phones in schools arguing that it is a serious issue that has no solution at all. The negative effects of cell phones in schools outweigh the positive ones. For example, when a student uses his or her cell phone during class hours disrupts their learning process because they cannot concentrate on what they were learning. Text messages disrupt one's thinking capacity and rate, and they may realize that the lesson has ended, and yet they did not understand anything (Tindell, 2011).

Having cell phones in schools also has some positive effect as well. One of the positive effects includes the cell phone being used as a research tool when the students are in class thus saving the teacher the head of having to research all the class work alone. The cell phones also allow the students to be ahead of the teacher regarding learning and research thus recording good results. Students can utilize their mobile phones to plan their days, lessons or activities around the school. The main idea of viewing the mobile phone as an important tool in the class room is to stop viewing it as a toy for calling, playing video games and chatting and start viewing it as an important resource that can be used by students in the studying actions (Juvonen, 2008).

When cell phones are used effectively in the correct manner, students can research materials quickly hence reducing the amount of time the teacher was using in teaching. By using the cell phone as a research resource in the classroom, they can be a great asset that can be used to improve the quality of education. In conclusion, cell phones are becoming a nuisance in many schools as students cannot concentrate on their studies because of this tiny gadget. Despite this observation, the cell phone usage in schools has two sides, the positive and the negative whereby when it is used as a toy by students, it brings negative effects while when used as a resource, it brings positive results.


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