Free Essay on the Telecommunications and Media Company: Telstra's Global Strategy

Published: 2019-10-28
Free Essay on the Telecommunications and Media Company: Telstra's Global Strategy
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Founded in 1975, Telstra is currently the largest telecommunications and media company in Australia. Its activities include: operating and building telecommunication networks as well as marketing a wide range of communication and entertainment products and services (paying television, internet access and others. Since 2013, the company has generated $25.5 billion revenue. As the spotlight of the economy shifts to market developments, global companies need to have new ways to manage their employees, strategies, risks and costs. Telstra is one of the most prominent brand names in Australia. Apparently, apart from the business opportunities its products and services face a threat from the companys competitors.

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Telstra market challenges and opportunities


Telstra, being one of the biggest Australian brands dominates the leading business position of the telecommunication and media services in this country (, 2016). Telstra owns and operates network services that will give the company a competitive advantage over its industrial rivals, whose networks fail to cover the whole of Australia especially the remote, rural areas in the country.

Another opportunity is that the company has conducted data supply to the Australian government. Through government initiatives, Telstra has expanded its CDMA networks to rural areas. Therefore, the company has one of the most extensive networks in the whole of Australia. The organization has expanded their services into a section that was highly demanded services of telecommunications markets (, 2016).


The legal sector is facing quite an increased competition on a global scale, as organizations continue to expand internationally through acquisition into new markets (The Australian, 2016). The competition is joined up with a strategic drive for many organizations to improve its efficiency. This shows that Telstra should find an alternative competitive advantage to use it as competition with its competitors.


Following the lead that there is high demand for Telstras mobile products (The Australian, 2016). The desire to access the internet and the use of cloud computing has driven a huge increase in demand. One might expect Telstra to benefit from the increased rate of customers but its not. Increased demand for Telstras products has been met by increased constantly falling of prices (Topics, Sample Papers & Articles Online for Free, 2016). The deflation of prices in the telco industry is a long term feature that tends to wipe out the benefits of growth.


Telstra has responded to the continuous growth in demand for products by increasing its range of services. While each of these services operates with a discrete niche its not a direction that the industry at large directed by the consumer is heading. Most people want to use the internet on the TV. Download the TV from a computer and use the iPad to do all the things. This poses a problem to Telstra because Telstra cannot continue to charge different prices to access the same data on different devices.

Global Marketing strategies

Telstra marketing positioning strategy is based on knowing the organizations customers and meeting the needs of the customer. In order to position Telstra and capture its targets segments most effectively the following needs to be considered: superiority, distinctiveness, and communication.

The seven Ps marketing strategy is the key element function of marketing.

PRODUCTS- Telstra provides a wide variety of products and services into the telecommunication industry. For example: landlines, phones and internet. Telstra must ensure that its products are meeting the demands of the customer. For instance after the speed of the internet is observed to perform poorly, the company needs to improve its performance.

PRICE- Telstra seems to be setting some prices of products higher than those of its competitors so the policy of prices that Telstra is willing to choose will reflect will reflect the king of market being aimed at. They organization may even be prepare to suffer losses that are short term to obtain large markets. Telstra may use such policies in pricing as cost based prices, market orientation prices, and competition based prices.

PROMOTION- Telstra would use a proper technique in promotion to create a competitive advantage. This could be done through advertisements in televisions, newspapers, radios and posters (Anon, 2016). However, Telstra has spent a lot of its money in the sponsorship of big names such as Telstra Dome, the company can use another alternative method such as competition and surveys in blue tooth competition.

PLACE- Telstra has located its stores widely in Australia, and for the international markets its good for the company to locate its stores in the main cities of other countries.

PEOPLE- Telstra has employees a wide variety of people all over the world even other with non-English speaking backgrounds, the organization takes all the people into consideration in the marketing mix very seriously therefore it should train its staff very seriously so as to deal with its customers.

PHYSICAL EVIDENCE- this concept is very important because it will influence the first impression of the customer to the product. Its stores are clean and tidy but compare to other organizations such as Vodafone the stores are too packed and overcrowded in the city. Therefore to gain better image Telstra should rearrange its products efficiently.

PROCESS- Telstra should consider the selling process if the company hopes to deliver its products as fast as possible to the customers. The organization should train its workers efficiently so as provide the customers with proper products.

External and internal factors that impact decision making when an organization enters into the international market.

The role of an organization leadership is an important concept for internal business factors. A companys leadership style and management impacts the organization culture. Organizations often provides formal directions with vision and mission statements that provide the organization with decisions and activities (Anon, 2016). The internal and external factors include:

Internal factors

AN EMPLOYEES STRENGTH AND CAPABILITY: motivated, talented and hardworking employees generally produce better outcomes than those employees who are not motivated and not talented.

BUSINESS PROCESSES AND RELATIONSHIPS: business processes and relationships between the employees and within the department significantly impacts a business efficiency as well as effectiveness. So in order for an organization to run smoothly employees should not only have talent but should also work together and work together to make new ideas and resolutions.

External factors

COMPETITION: Competition is the most critical factor in competition whether the business operates in concentrated industries with few competitors or in large industries bearing many competitors, the business needs to know the rate of the competition and the competitors. Most companies in the international markets usually conduct a competitive analysis so as to compare their prices and offers to those of their competitors. When an organization develops its philosophies and products its very helpful for it to use its strength in the quality of production, services offered to customers and the efficiency of an operation to build a competitive advantage that benefits the customers (Anon, 2016).

SOCIAL ECONOMIC FACTORS: this relates to the values, attitudes and concerns for the organizations target to its customers and its economic abilities to afford the companys products.

THE LEGAL FACTORS, ETHICAL FACTORS AND POLITICAL FACTORS: generally relates to the organizations need to abide by the laws of the business and to meet ethical standards for the organizations customers.

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