Essay Example - Information Is Power

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Example - Information Is Power
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Reply to Tim

Acknowledging Tim's opinion, the world has been a global village linked together through contemporary technologies. The development of mass media facilitated by the current technology have enhanced the virtual transfer of information across the world. Subsequently, mass media has been a significant channel of transfer information across the globe. However, mass media has also been a channel to facilitate adverse activities such as terrorism around the world (Kumpel, Karnowski & Keyling, 2015). I concur with Tim's opinion, whereby media has been widely used in sharing information. For instance, social media has been used to share personal views while the news media has been used to report recently occurred events to the people. Media has contributed positively and negatively towards the transfer of information around the globe. Terrorists have used media in getting their message out to the people which has scared the normal activities in a nation. On the other hand, news media have been at the forefront in sensitizing people on the recent events and events likely to happen. Therefore, information is power, and it is essential in human life and the security departments to determine threats and to account for security responsibility in a country.

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Reply to Trixia

I concur with the opinion that technology has been a platform for acquiring and sharing information as a state by Trixia. Consequently, Trixia identifies social media has been a platform to transfer information efficiently among people around the world. Terrorism has taken advantage of the nature of technology via social media in collecting and conveying information to the public (Bjerge, Clark, Fisker & Raju, 2016). Knowledge is power, and as posited by Kilroy (2018), the richness of information is used to measure its impact in the country. According to Bergstrom and Belfrage, (2018), terrorists have used social media to communicate attacks, which has also been significant to the citizens of goodwill in a country to strategize on self-defense through the instant information on the internet. Additionally, Trixia acknowledges the fact that social media has enabled the government agency to mitigate terrorism activities in a country. In this case, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has managed to justify data collection across social media alongside the technical strategy to manage security across the states ("Department of Homeland Security," 2019).


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