Recruiting Minorities for Police Force: A Historical Perspective. Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-27
Recruiting Minorities for Police Force: A Historical Perspective. Paper Example
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For many years, there has been an issue of recruiting minority in the police force. Minorities were considered inferior, and thus, they do not have the power to protect and implement orders effectively. In the 1600s, various groups of individuals moved to America so as to search for a better life and improve their living standard. Additionally, some people moved to seek religious liberty and freedom. All these individuals wanted to be treated with dignity and respect. During the period of industrial development, slaves were introduced in the country to offer human resources in farms. In the 1960s and 1970s, the police were mandated to control all working group. Minority groups were working class, and thus, they had no space in the government. After independent, attention was required when engaging various groups in the government departments. At this period, there were a lot of issues, especially on recruitment of minority groups in the police force. Later, minorities were given the freedom and rights (Todak, 2017). Thus, they were given the authority to participate in various government roles. All people were supposed to be treated equally and share equal rights. Laws were enacted to eliminate racial discrimination and other restriction factors which were prohibiting these groups from being recruiting in government offices. Scholars argue that most minority groups were recruited in some conventional roles such as barbershop and salons. A lot of changes were made in departments such as police so as to encourage minorities' participation. This was perceived as a way of promoting rights and national unity. Additionally, the government used this technique to enhance the relationship between law enforcement agency and other groups of society. For many years, there was an issue of poor law enforcement due to lack of interact with the community. Furthermore, lack of human diversity had led to a negative social interact. Application of diversity was a way of improving police effectiveness due to a strong leadership technique. There were many factors which encouraged the recruitment of minority groups in the police.

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Recruitment Barrier

There were recruitment barriers which prohibited the number of minority people who were applying for the work. During recruitment, law enforcement were used of influencing the target population during the process. Hence, those areas where minority groups occupied, rarely did law enforcement agencies conducted recruitment. Most of the recruitments were conducted without informing minority groups to ensure a very low number of people during the process. Additionally, the law enforcement agencies set high qualification requirements which reduced the number of people who could participate. These actions reduced the interest rate of those who had the ability to participate in the process because they knew that they would automatically be disqualified (Todak, 2017). Law enforcement agencies influenced recruitment process direct and indirect. Lack of fairness and trustworthy among officers influenced the number of officers who participated in the recruitment process. In order to end the process, the government established some changes in how law enforcers were exercising the recruitment process to encourage more participants. This was an effective way of rebuilding society.

Effective Recruitment Efforts

Encouragement of recruitment of minority group helped to increase better understanding of agency and society. This was an effective way to understand how past and present recruitment processes were conducted. New recruitment requirements were introduced in the law force to ensure all people with the ability can apply. However, the concept was affected by a number of issues such as developing selection characteristics which were to be used during the recruitment process. In the past, they were not suitable conditions which candidates were required to fulfil. As such, before a law enforcement agency finds a person with all requirement, they were first required to create a work dimension which may dictate the job skills. These skills were mostly influenced by education level, training, and much more so as to enhance the effective recruitment of police. There were essential skills that an officer must possess. First, integrity which influences how a person is dedicated to offer a certain service. Second, a human relationship which influences how a person interacts and associated with other people. The third skill is compatibility with a team to promote effective integration during operations. Drive to excel is the final skills that an officer should possess. These primary skills affect the integrity and ability to effective appreciate the concept of ethical.

Developing Adverts

In the past, there was an issue on the kind of advert deployed by law enforcement. In order to ensure representation of all group in the country, the government is geared toward developing ads which attract and motivate a large number of qualified candidates. This ad help to inform all qualified candidates and thus, the government is able to recruit most qualified individuals. All details in the ads should aim at promoting harmony by creating a way that targets a large number of groups. Branding is an essential practice that law enforcement agency should be considered as it influences the manner in which people react to a certain ad. Additionally, law enforcement agencies should consider the method of advertisement to ensure even minority groups which stays in remote areas are informed. This attracted effective competition so as to recruit the best candidate regardless of their color.

Education Requirement

Unequal resource distribution in the government has been a key factor affecting the education sector. Level of education is a key factor that influences recruitment and hiring policy. Law enforcement agencies have rules which state the education requirement for all potential candidates. Most remote areas which are occupied by minority group perform poorly in education. This performance is influenced by low resources available such as books. The low performance was a key challenge which was facilitating to recruitment discrimination. According to a study, blacks and Hispanics are 20 percent lower than white in education performance. This data has reduced the number of a minority group who were fulfil all requirements. Currently, the government has increased the number of resources in school so as to improve the education level. This has been a critical process that the government has used to increase the number of candidates from minority groups in law enforcement.

Retention Issues

There has been a barrier during the promotion as most officers argue that their action may turnover and venture in other activities. Even through retention is a key external role in a business, the issue may affect those who are retained or those who leave. When the issue arises in law enforcement, minority groups or women are forced to leave. This is because they are considered as marginalized and their influence is not considered. There is a various number of minority groups which are demoted when the issue of retention arise (Todak, 2017). They do not consider their influence on the law enforcement agency. Additionally, after being hired, these minority groups are discriminated in duties allocation. There are issues that minority groups are allocated hard tasks in a barrack so as to discourage them from the job.

Changing Society

Sociologists such as Chip Espinoza greatly pressurized for socio changes. The past generation was to be replaced by people who are ready to promote national unity by bringing all groups together. People deployed in the government work should be ready to promote harmony. Changing society helped to eliminate stigma which influenced people to engage in some form of misconduct. Due to isolation, minority groups were engaging in misconducts such as drugs selling. According to the data, a large number of people age 23 from minority groups were engaging in criminal activities. Therefore, changing the system was perceived as a technique to minimize these misconducts.

Developing Recruitment Strategies

The government keeps changing the recruitment strategies so as to ensure maximum representation of diversity. The government of the United States encouraged that law enforcement agencies should follow the performance of a certain racial group to understand other factors which may affect the application of diversity. Additionally, agencies were required to monitor how the recruitment process was done to reduce the issue of discrimination. The process ensured that law enforcement recruits candidates who meet all the requirement (Miles-Johnson & Pickering, 2018). Through the process, the government has created a job-simulation process which ensures equal recruitment test for all groups. Recruiting and hiring minorities entails exploiting a certain asset in a particular society. As such, law agencies should work in collaboration with the minority group to eliminate biases and encourage more potential candidates during the recruitment process. This was a key process the government used to eliminate the bad attitude that minority group had developed toward the recruitment process.

Creating a Diverse Workplace

Recruiting minority group was an essential practice that could help to create diversity in the workplace. Philosophically, race should never affect how a company engages in its activities such as hiring and promotion. As such, people should be managed and controlled equally, and quality should be measured based on the performance of the workers (Dobbin & Kalev, 2016). Additionally, an organization should practice multiculturalism whereby different groups are integrated together. This is an essential process which influences the culture of an organization. In the police force, there was a need to create a diverse workplace whereby all cultural groups are acknowledged. Applying the concept was a key method which law enforcement could use to create interracial harmony.

Benefits of Cultural Integration

Normally, diversity yields more advantages on how an organization operates. All parties which are recruited in an organization tends to be influenced by cultural diversity. Hiring minority was an essential way that government used to create good platforms where law enforcers could improve their problem-solving method. In most cases, cultural diversity influences how an organization makes decisions and kind of innovation it may deploy (Miles-Johnson & Pickering, 2018). For instance, in law enforcement, cultural diversity ensures that all decision made matches the will of all group. Therefore, when interacting with a certain group, it is much easier to interact and handle various groups of people. In most cases, diversity boost police legitimacy when dealing with the public as it helps to eliminate a long history of police bias. Lack of representation triggers issues such as police fear due to mistreatment some officers deploy when handling groups. In order to end this perception, the government embraced diversity in the police force. This was an essential method that government used to create a positive interaction between police and minorities. Due to the effective application of diversity, the government has changed the public attitude due to the elimination of issues which are associated with discrimination.

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