Outlining, Aristotle's Artistic Proofs, and Rhetorical Stance. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-15
Outlining, Aristotle's Artistic Proofs, and Rhetorical Stance. Paper Example
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An outline is adequately defined as a formal system or the prewriting step used by the writer to identify the significant points and organize paragraphs in an effective way that supports each of the points in the actual writing of the essay. Additionally, persuasive advertising requires the use of pathos, logos, and Ethos as a significant way of swaying the audience and convincing them to purchase the advertised products. The chief aim of the paper is thus to discuss the use of an outline in research writing and also analyze one primary advertisement according to Aristotle's artistic proofs with a particular focus on rhetoric advertising and the use of Ethos, pathos, and logos.

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Outlining as a Writing Tool

Outlining allows the writer to organize numerous ideas and thoughts concerning a topic, and this ensures proper coherence in the final research paper (Week 5 Lecture notes). I have used outlining in my research projects severally to help in the organization of the paper, and this has enormously contributed to ensuring that I do not drift into aspects unrelated to the research problem. Significant benefits of outlining are that it helps identify the primary thesis of the essay, develop the idea of each paragraph and the supporting arguments in each paragraph to substantiate the central concepts (Week 5 Lecture notes). Outlining is beneficial to the writers since it serves as a guide on the main content and argument of a research paper. However, outlining may not be helpful to your audiences or the readers primarily because it is not the script of precisely what your paper contains nor does is have a rigid structure of what a research paper should follow (Week 5 Lecture notes). Generally outlining is a professional skill and therapeutic and gets the writing process faster and effective.

The Life Buoy Brand Soap Advertisement According to Aristotle's Artistic Proofs

One significant advertisement that depicts the three main Aristotle's artistic proofs is the advert created by the life Buoy soap brand, which transformed a pug into a loaf of bread to substantially emphasize on the benefits of using their soap (Ivan). The Advertising slogan was, however, that "you eat what you touch," a message that is very outstanding to the targeted audience (Ivan). This advertisement implies that people encounter germs in everything they touch throughout the day, and thus they should be cautious and wash their hands often with the lifebuoy soap. This advert uses logos proof to persuade the audience by executing pug into a loaf of bread so that when people see the ad they will be forced to think of all what they have touched before eating anything, and they are inclined to wash their hands with a lifebuoy soap that kills the germs (Week 5 Lecture notes). Ethos is also present in the advertisement whereby the concept of the message "you eat what you touch" emphasize on persuading people to wash their hands before eating to help they stay healthy (Week 5 Lecture notes). The advert also uses pathos to appeal to the audience emotions and make them believe that their hands are full of germs and needs to be washed more often before eating (Week 5 Lecture notes). The rhetorical stance of this advertisement is the advertiser's stance because the advert focuses significantly on the audience emotions in attempting to explain to their importance of using the lifebuoy soap to wash their hands.

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Week 5 Lecture notes "Outlining and Aristotle's Artistic Proofs."

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