Essay Sample: Module Reflection

Published: 2022-11-02
Essay Sample: Module Reflection
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It has been a long journey throughout this semester and specifically the FY026 module. To say the least, the module has been challenging yet an eye opener on crucial aspects of success as a student. Right from the very first class, I was compelled and excited to be starting a unit that will teach me ways to maneuver towards academic excellence. Of course, concentration and heading the lecturer's instruction was going to play a significant role in the class and as a learner I kept this in my mind. This is since majority of the ideas presented in this class would be concepts and instructions I have been hearing from my earlier days in junior high school to date. Luckily, it is my nature of taking all education matters serious that would help me get through the module flawlessly. It has been an enjoyable experience developing my knowledge and understanding on the different areas of FY026 module and also make connections that will hopefully improve my experience in school.

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The FY026 module was developed in a way to make apprentices understand how they can be successful in the university through knowledge and creativity. As a student, it is important for me to employ the facts learned from the chapters of this module to my everyday life and work to realize development as a learner. While it will be difficult to include all the information on the philosophical and theoretical aspects mentioned in class, my reflection will be on the most important ones only. The module has shed light on the basic principle of active involvement as a student and the components or process of ensuring such. It is under active involvement that my belief on the more time students spend in classroom the more likely they are to succeed was challenged with the philosophy of working smart. It is true that the total amount of time spent in learning is directly related with how much knowledge is gained and the overall success of a student. Naturally, this relation is what leads to the conclusion that successful students reads a lot. While this is true, research indicates that this aspect will not apply to all learners. Fact is that people are different and there is no universality in the methods of learning. As a result, aa student should formulate ways that best suit their learning capability. There are learners who will be fine with class attendance alone whereas others will have to make extra reading to learn a concept. This crucial knowledge has resulted in the restructuring of my study habit which is the initial step on my journey towards academic success.

Besides creating study habits that suits individuals, the module stressed on the importance of working with fellow students as a means of development. Working with others on class tasks further spices the learning experience by making things enjoyable. It diversifies the learning experience through getting explanation from different people that can make learning much easier. The encouragement or motivation that fellow students can provide when working together is invaluable. Being that there are many students within the classroom setting, a teacher may not easily explain a concept well but through fellow students one can understand the concept better. I have since tried to follow this idea for the better part of this semester and there are some developments that I have noticed. Working with others in group discussion has boosted my confidence in delivering in classroom. Through the discussions, it has occurred to me that we are all equal as learners since I have realized that there is no difference between my reasoning and that of my group mates. I have also developed my communication and listening skills through the group discussions. Although, the group discussions were not specifically on the FY026 module, the experience from them has made me develop various skills that are important for a learner.

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