Literature Review Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-19
Literature Review Essay Sample
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Literature review

Often in literature, character roles change from one part of the play to the other and this gives a glimpse into how the author wants the readers to interpret his/her works. As the play develops, you find a given persona is transformed into another in say, act 1 scene 1 to act 4 scene 2. Evidently enough, their roles become the central attraction of the story and even challenges the epitome of all the other works of the author. By looking at the Midevial authors, such as Sir. William Shakespeare, his works resonate the doubling effect stated above. Choose one of his most attractive play preferably, 'the Midsummer Night's Dream' and locate the main characters that have generally been given these double roles. In doing so, please attempt to compare and contrast their roles as the play begins and when it ends. What do you find intriguing about this technique of writing? Please give your thoughts in a 3-page paper and submit it on the school blackboard by 6th July.

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