Essay Example: Public Relations Campaign for a New Product

Published: 2022-02-25
Essay Example: Public Relations Campaign for a New Product
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An implementation plan to campaign for a new product is an essential requirement for every business. The whole process of implementation puts into consideration its tools, tactics and strategies. The three components mentioned above helps to develop successfully and implement the campaign plan for any new product. When it comes to the tools one should pick on those that best fit the needs of the target group in order to achieve the required goals. For the strategies one has to put into consideration the three levels.

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Primarily, the first strategy is the high level technique which can be achieved by reading through blogs and books to get information on the implementation process. The second level is the mid-level strategy which is achieved by building a community or target for the product. This can be achieved through a number of ways like doubling ones email list, adding more Facebook fans, generating a love link or by use of blogs and you drive traffic to it. Lastly, there is the low level strategy which involves majoring on one of the strategies preferred in level one. You pick one strategy which best suits the audience and work on it depending on the target group. For example in the implementation plan for a detergent the target group is likely to be the middle and low class women so you consider the strategy that will reach the majority of that group.

The other important factor to consider is the public relations tools to use in the implementation plan towards the campaign. This constitutes of the news release which can be earned, paid or owned media. One of the tools used is the media strategy. This constitutes of making media statement, giving on site tours through media or building positive relations with key media personalities who can help you implement your plan through media.

The other tool is by use of advertorials. These can be in form of news or newspaper review. Apparently, these help in advertising the new product and reach as many clients as possible. Thirdly there is the social media tool. It includes use of social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. The main importance of this tool is that it gives one opportunity to interact directly with the customers and also gets feedback and any criticism about the new product. It also increases exposure for the product.

Properly designed brochures and catalogues can also be used to reach the customers. This tool helps one to do business online and yet reach to quite a huge number of clients regardless of the distance. Business events are another tool that can be used. They give one a chance to expose their new products to the clients. One is also able to meet the competitors and hence developing on their mailing list. Lastly there is the speaking engagement tool. Gives one a chance to build his reputation and that of his business. This can be achieved by having a presentation about the new product in the market.

Implementing a successful strategy helps one to increase the awareness of a new product. Additionally, it helps in building the new brand, reaching the target clients and hence increasing ones revenue which is a target for all the businesses.


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