Essay Sample on the Impact of Mobile and Cloud Technology on Business

Published: 2019-10-17
Essay Sample on the Impact of Mobile and Cloud Technology on Business
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Technological innovations have resulted in the advancement in the way business activities are conducted for the betterment of organizational goals and remaining competitive. Amongst the common technological advancements that have significantly affected business activities are the cloud and mobile technology. Cloud computing involves the process of delivering information whereby data is retrieved from online sources (the internet) using web-based technology instead of having a direct server connection. Therefore, this form of technology makes it possible for organizations to have shared data and resources to the available resources such as computers. When this type of technology is used in conjunction with mobile technology, it becomes possible to have an efficient means of communication and the sharing of data and other resources, thus saving time in waiting for such information between various departments in the organization. Additionally, it becomes possible for the management to allow employees in the sales department to work from remote locations and even at the comfort of their residential places.

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There have been constant changes in technology such as the abandonment of paper-based documentation to the electronic means and the use of computers for every employee to access organizational information. As a result, these factors have eventually led to the demand for cloud and mobile technology. After the change from paper-based documentation to the electronic means, still, organizations were compelled to IT infrastructure that still became relatively expensive (Khan, & Ahirwar, 2011). That meant that the management had to devise cost-effective alternative means of data retrieval, leading to more innovations and thus the coming up of the cloud systems. Such systems eliminated logistical problems and allowed the sales team to access organizational communication platforms from their preferred geographical locations. Another advantage of the mobile and cloud computing is that software companies can now offer their services through the web as compared to the traditional means which required the use of tangible means such as discs.

Even if the new technological innovations have been effective, there are some concerns that the management should be aware of and look for alternative means of curbing such weaknesses. For instance, mobile technology and cloud computing can make organizations vulnerable to criminal activities. For example, cases of system hacks can make an organization lose its valuable information to the hands of criminals who can end up deleting such information or even for financial gain. Additionally, if such hackers decide to hack the system and manipulate data, the organizational reputation can be compromised, thus loss of customers and market in the end. Also, the management can decide to use data encryption but is the key is lost, such data even if safe will disappear. Even if the organizations dedicate the security measures to the service providers, in the event of a natural disaster, such data will not be recovered.

Because of the security challenges associated with the new technological innovations, the end users must have regulations that must be followed. For instance, the official users must have access passwords as a way of preventing illegal retrieval of information. Such passwords should be unique and changed on a regular basis as a way of mitigating the possibility of hacking. Another restriction is that sensitive communication should only be done within the organization, and no information should be shared with external parties, thus necessitating the need to have regular and constant checks on external communication.


Khan, A., & Ahirwar, K. (2011). Mobile cloud computing as a future of mobile multimedia database. International Journal of Computer Science and Communication, 2(1), 219-221.

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