Essay Sample on Reason for Restaurants to Change Their Menu

Published: 2023-04-23
Essay Sample on Reason for Restaurants to Change Their Menu
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According to the article, restaurants made big progress in 2019 after adding plant-based items on their menu. The restaurant had the intent of creating meals that fit their branding and be relevant compared to or alongside their traditional dishes. Restaurants are supposed to change their menus in order to maintain their profit all through. The food menus should be updated annually to get the assurance that the costs of the foods are in order. The cost of the food is referred to in the menu as compared to the cost that was attained in preparing the same meal. The tastes of the client also change with time, raising the need to change the menu. The trends also change, and it is advisable for restaurants to follow them in order to stay in the market. The growth of plant-based items has been on demand, and that might be a good reason for a restaurant to change its menu. If the menu is not changed, the clients will quench their craving in another restaurant. The food prices and the labor prices keep on changing, so there is the need to change the menu according to those two changes.

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Reasons to Fit the New Product

The main reason is to maintain their originality by making sure that their brand remains the same for the case of their usual clients. Restaurants are known for a specific type of dish they prepare and changing that would make many clients leave. The new items are fixed to see the reaction of the clients because the outcome is not known, they might like it or not, it should be able to match the traditional dishes and not be a substitute. If the progress is good, the items can then be fixed after success has been attained. They are also fitted in as a way of evaluation. The new products also have to fit with the values of the restaurant, the brand, and also the customer base in order to look different in various ways. The restaurants can fit in a new product that has the same flavors as the traditional ones by targeting the same audience or the same in order to satisfy them. For example, making the plant-based burger for the vegetarian, instead of just having the meat burger.

Interest in Buying New Things

There is an interest in buying new things as it has been stated in the article that restaurants that fit in plant-based items are having major success, which has seen many other restaurants do the same. Restaurants that fitted in plant-based items in 2018 have confirmed to add more this year. This confirms that the demand is high, and clients like the new items.

Most Interested Generation

The most interesting generation would be old people and health-conscious people. Also, those that want to maintain their body structures will be interested in trying the new items, mostly plant-based items. Old people are the most conscious people due to sicknesses that come with age and would prefer to have more natural and healthy foods added in their lifestyles.

Do I Prefer the Idea? And Would I Buy the Product?

I feel that the idea of fitting in new items is a good one. This will help all kinds of people and their differences to taste to have their satisfaction and also able to hang out on these joints without feeling left out. The new items are also more on the side of health, and that is a good thing to the well-being of people. I would buy the item because it is good for health, and secondly, out of curiosity, it might taste better.


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