Free Essay on Augmenting Productivity Through Strategic Planning

Published: 2019-06-04
Free Essay on Augmenting Productivity Through Strategic Planning
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The strategic plan is an important consideration in a given public and non-profit organization. It is the best way to adopt in case there is need to augment productivity in an organization. Strategic planning entails the process of clearly specifying the roles and responsibilities that every stakeholder of the organizations is supposed to make as their specific input in the company within a specified duration of time. According to (Bryson, Anderson, & Alston, 2011), a strategic plan is a crucial concept that any given public or non-profit organization is supposed to embrace in case achievement of its set aims and objectives are anything to go by. The management of the organization is entrusted with the responsibility of guiding the entire establishment in working towards the achievement of the goals through efficient performance in day to day operations. In order to achieve both goals and aims, the organization will require formulating a strategic plan. This is a crucial step of designing a cost of quality of an organization which should be in line with the formulation of the vision and mission statement of the organization. Strategic planning begins by the Mission and vision designing; which are merely, summary of values that the company is created to be bound by in order to achieve the long-term objectives (Sandfort, & Moulton, 2015). Aims refer to the ultimate achievement that the organizations leadership wishes to make over a certain period of time. To attain a specific aim, an organization first begins by setting goals or objectives. These constitute a series of attainments which the company must achieve before reaching the main aim.

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The second step in strategic planning is the collaborative decision making as well as collaborative management of the company. Here, the management is tasked with the responsibility of incorporating the thoughts and information of other stakeholders in the final decisions that affect the day to day running of the organization. It is very much in order to acknowledge other members advice and concerns about the welfare of the organization other than imposing regulations, objectives and aims on them to implement. Collaborative management fosters the spirit of solidarity and hard work among the employees across all cadres. This obliges all of the workers to pull together the fiscal and human resources towards the success of the organization (Tschirhart, & Bielefeld, 2012). Therefore, the best way to ensure that the strategic plan is not sabotaged in the organization is to embrace the ideas of every member of the organization.

Similarly, the organization management must adopt an approach of division of labor as a way of pitting the strategic plan into quick action. This is the best way through which a farsighted management can ensure discreet management of fiscal as well as human resources. As they say failure to economize leads to agonizing. This reminds every stakeholder that the resources of the organization must be well utilized in a manner that mitigates wastage. All must strive to minimize the cost as they optimize the output. It is by this policy that the organization fast tracks in its growth towards its goals and aims.

Besides these, the last and perfect way of strategic planning is to consider the strategy of employee motivation. This is a very significant consideration that any organization cannot afford to neglect. Employees play a significant role in the organization since they are behind the creation of the cost of quality of an organization. Their motivation works not for their good alone but for the good of all other stakeholders and the fiscal as well as human resources of the organization.


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