Essay Example on Academic and Personal Achievements

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Example on Academic and Personal Achievements
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Having gone through life and consequently learning from past experiences and encounters, I live with my eyes and attention focused on the future. One of my biggest dreams in life is to become recognized as one of the most educated individuals in my home country. As a result, the desire to become identified as a highly learned and intelligent person back at home is the main reason for seeking a transfer from my current school to a different learning institution that would offer me a better chance of achieving my dreams.

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Academic and Personal Achievements

Moreover, the desire to acquire recognition and appreciation can primarily be associated with the educational as well as personal achievements attained in my life. For instance, as far as academic achievements are concerned, am an individual who works hard in an honest way to achieve good grades in school; an aspect which is well evidenced by my ever consistent academic performance. In addition to an excellent academic track record, I have also been successful in different extra-curriculum activities the likes of sports as well as cultural and social events. For instance, during my last year in high school, I took part in several weight lifting competitions, whereby I consequently won a silver medal. After progressing into university, I was further awarded a gold medal in the weight lifting category of sports. Moreover, I was also recognized for my qualities in leadership, whereby I was appointed as a representative of my colleagues in class. As a class representative, I was responsible for scheduling venues for our lessons as well as passing information between our tutors and my colleagues.

On the other hand, I have also made significant steps in life as far as personal achievements are concerned. For example, I have participated in different works of charity intended to help the needy by making monetary contributions. Furthermore, having been an enthusiastic sports lover, I was appointed as the captain of the Weight Lifting Club while still in high school. Therefore, as both the captain of the club and a player who loves this particular sport, I was also able to train and introduce new people into weight lifting. Last but not least, I was recognized as the employee of the month during my second year in university while I was working as a cashier at a renowned local restaurant in my home area.

Lessons from Successes

As it's the case with humanity, life is full of different challenges as well as successes. However, what matters is the ability to derive meaningful lessons from the successes or challenges we experience. In my case, from the successes achieved, I was able to learn that an individual should believe in him/herself. As the path to success is difficult in addition to people in society being doubtful of a person's ability to become successful, an individual should believe in him/herself rather than losing hope or listening to demoralizing advice and opinions (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993). Believing in oneself would make it easy to overcome any obstacles an individual faces in life, thus consequently achieving their objectives and becoming successful.

Secondly, from my successes, I further learned that a person should never give up no matter the situation or circumstances being experienced. For any individual seeking to achieve success, failure is inevitable. Therefore, as failure is inevitable in the path to success, a person should not give up but should instead seek alternative options to overcome different hindrances (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993). However, if a person gives up upon encountering difficulties, they would never be able to achieve their objectives or become successful.

Last but not least, from my life's successes, I learned that success is evoked by desire and intent instead of taking place overnight or by accident. An individual must develop passion and purpose to become successful as such factors elicit the required behavior and character that would work towards ensuring a person takes the right steps and actions towards achieving their objectives and being successful (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993).

Effects of Lessons Learned

Therefore, the lessons learned from the successes achieved in my life, as depicted above, are crucial as they would influence me in different ways during my pursuit of education in college. For instance, from my successes, I was able to learn that desire and intent create success. Hence, such a lesson would influence me by evoking an interest to learn (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993). As a result of being interested in education and learning, I would consider my college education to be fun rather than annoying, stressful or complicated.

Moreover, I also learned that an individual should never give up in life regardless of the situation at hand. Therefore, this particular lesson would influence me during my academic pursuit in college by eliciting the courage necessary to tackle complex subjects or topics rather than feeling defeated (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993). Last but not least, the lesson that a person should always believe in him/herself would influence me by instilling the right mindset that anything is possible, thus creating a path to achieving academic success (Boud, Cohen & Walker, 1993).


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