Essay Sample with the Native Times Report on Same Sex Marriages

Published: 2019-09-09
Essay Sample with the Native Times Report on Same Sex Marriages
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Same-sex marriage is an issue that has for long been a topic of discussion in America. People have different reactions to same-sex unions, with some proposing it, while others strongly condemn it. Some nations continue to pass laws approving it, as reported by some media channels. Native Times Newspaper recently reported that the Oneida Tribe will recognize and approve same sex marriage (Associated Press 2016). The newspaper reported that Oneida law currently describes marriage as not between a husband and wife, but rather being between spouses. This paper digs deeper into the issue of homosexuality and gives a brief history on the people of Oneida. It also provides an in depth analysis on the issue of same sex marriages, and the thoughts or views of the entire American community on the issue.

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The term Oneida results from the English distortion of Onyota'a:ka, the grassroots name for themselves (Levinson p.254). Onyota'a:ka is a name that meant "People of the Standing Stone". Before settling into the region, they had been chased by an enemy of the tribe. On arriving at the woodlands, the Oneida people suddenly disappeared and the enemy could not locate them. They then believed that they had dissolved into the nearby stones. Du to that incidence, they were referred to as Persons of the Standing Rock.

For the period of the early 17th century, the Oneidas lived in a roughly 6 million stretches of land in what is contemporary day central New York State. The Oneida Tribe, alongside five other communities of the Iroquois confederation, originally upheld a policy of noninvolvement in the American Revolution. This strategy permitted the confederacy improved power against both sides in the war, since they could intimidate to join one side or the other in the occurrence of any incitement. Detachment rapidly crushed, nonetheless. The superiority of the Mohawks, Senecas, Cayugas, and Onondagas sided with the Proponents and British. For some time, the Oneidas were persistent in supporting neutrality and endeavored to refurbish harmony among the six communities of the Association. Most Oneida people preferred the colonists due to their juxtaposition and relationships with the rebellious communities. In difference, some of the pro-British societies were closer to the British stranglehold at Fort. Moreover, the Oneida were predisposed by the Presbyterian evangelist Samuel Kirkland, who had operated in their midst since 1764. Some of Oneida people were initiated as Christians. With some of the members of the community being Christians, the move to pass the law of same sex unions lagged for some time. In 2015, it became legal.

In mainstream America, different people have varied views on the above issue. With majority citizens being Christians, they hold strong opinions on the matter. The gigantic majority of Christian assemblies have been verbal and diplomatically dynamic in contrasting same-sex marital regulations in the United States. Some opponents of same sex unions claim that encompassing marriage rights to individuals of same sex brings the possibility of challenging the intended purpose of marriage. The church supports exclusive heterosexual unions and claim that same sex relationships should not be considered as marriages since marriage, by designation, essentially comprises the bonding of two individuals of the opposite sex. Other sacred opinions for an opposite-sex explanation of marriage hold that same-sex relationships ought not to be recognized as marriages for the reason that same-gender sexual intimacy is conflicting to the will of God, is wicked, and sabotages God's original intentions for human sexuality. Christian disapproval to same-sex marriage similarly comes from the faith that same-sex marriage regularizes homosexual conduct and would inspire it, as an alternative of encouraging fight against same-sex attraction.

A large percentage of the American population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, which debates from a doctrinal perspective in contradiction of supporting same-sex unions. According to Catholic ethical guideline, actions of sexual intimacy are merely appropriate if done by a man and a woman within matrimony. Non spiritual government acknowledgment of any other union in the description of marriage would consequently replicate a belief in the decent similarity of doings between a husband and wife and deeds between two men or two women; this conviction is conflicting to Catholic doctrinal teaching.

Catholic challengers also contend that addition of same-sex unions inside the designation of marriage would likewise signal refusal of the idea that, in broad-spectrum, it is a good idea that children be raised up by their birth mother and father. They also bring into light the view that it is the society's concern in safeguarding the well-being of children, and the single basis for the government's proprietor and participation in matrimony. Pope John Paul, previous lead of the Roman Catholic Church, disapproved same-sex marriage when it was presented in the Netherlands in 2001. His replacement, Pope Benedict XVI, preserved opposition to the association, seeing it amongst "the most treacherous and hazardous coercions to the mutual good today".

Issues concerning homosexual marriages are barely unheard of in the Hindu and Muslim culture. Those that have Islam as their faith can attest that their religious teachings only recognize heterosexual relationships.

Apart from the religious perspective, majority of the people view it from a scientific point of view. In reference to a case in California, attorney Schaerr Gene, previously had a hand in assisting in the coordination of some briefs backing the ban of gay marriages. These are some of the scientific reasons that were presented to the Supreme Court from individuals who opposed same sex marriage.

Firstly, same sex unions causes further 900,000 abortions yearly. A recent research showed that most women married to fellow women get involved in sexual relations with men and end up getting pregnant. Due to fear of losing their partner, they end up procuring an abortion. Arguing that bachelor women are more expected to get abortions, Schaerr computes an added 900,000 abortions. He however acknowledged to the Washington Post that it is still too fresh to do a demanding interconnection between same sex marriages and abortion examination using numerical methods.

Secondly, it is claimed that the homosexual involvement leads to premature deaths. Homosexuals are believed to not live a fulfilling life. Dealing with societal stigma, the inability to bear children, and the lack of support from family are some of the contributing factors. Most people in homosexual unions, realize that they did a mistake later in their life, and get thrown into depression.

Thirdly, kids of same sex marriages are underprivileged. For a child to develop in the best intended way, they should be in a position to have a connection to both parents. Lack of thereof results to social chaos, could lead to stigma and low self-esteem. These result from generating a world whereby relations are determined by procedure, rather than the normal environmental science.

Fourthly, it is argued that same sex marriages upset the unfortunate women and children. Scholars, studying the effects of marriages on women and childrens welfare, assert that marriage is primarily helpful to the steadiness and economic position of most poor Americans. Redefining marriage however, they contend, would generate a different period whereby men and women are regarded as substitutable, unnecessary aspects of domestic life; and where the rule has concreted marriage as a meager constitutional capstone of a loving connection. Devoid of marriage's ancient focus on reproduction and steadiness, single moms will end up nurturing children single handedly, irrespective of their economic position.

Most individuals claim that one cannot help whom they fall in love with, being a person of the same or the opposite sex. Going by the religious point of view, Gods purpose for the human race was to procreate and fill the earth, which would not be possible if people would get involved in same sex relations. He created a male and a female for each creature, a clear indication of His intentions. Looking at it from the scientific perspective, the disadvantages of homosexuality outweigh the benefits (if any). It is not cons8dered as morally upright in most American nations. The fact that some Native Americans consider it right, does not make it an accepted vice. With most mainstream Americans considering it wrong does not make the homosexual people evil either. Since everyone has a right to choose what is best for them, individuals from both parties should respect each others decisions.

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