Agriculture and Inequality - Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2022-03-18
Agriculture and Inequality - Essay Example for Everyone
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How did the emergence of modern agriculture affect inequality?

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Inequality - The term inequality is used to describe the act by which resources shared in a way that they are not divided equally among all parties involved. The emergence of modern agriculture affected inequality as it led to harassment of specific individuals. The following are some of how the contemporary farming changed disparity.

Race - Modern agriculture led to the formation of social classes. People in America were treated as per their social classes. The Africans were the most oppressed as they were mainly slaves.

Social Class - Modern agriculture led to the demand for labor which was in tern provided by Africans. This was inequality as the Americans did not work as slaves.

Inequality Resource Distribution - Modern agriculture led to individuals accumulating wealth and thus gaining social status which intern led to them being treated better than others

How does current American society benefit from the resource inequalities that Native Americans and African-Americans faced?

Effects of Inequality -The inequalities on native Americans and African-Americans led to results that have been recorded in America up to date. The current American society has affected this inequality in that you find that America is still divided into social classes having the native Americans and African-Americans at the lowest social level. These social classes have been constant from the inequality dates recorded in the history of America.

Topic: chapters 6 and 7 Name:



Questions / Main Ideas:

Question 3

Inequality Hierarchy

Why We Should Avoid Using Class Notes: Questions for Discussion

What are ways to combat inequality without creating an

Oppression hierarchy?

Oppression Hierarchy- This is a phrase used to describe changes that interfere with the political system of a given region. These changes mainly cause oppression to the minorities in the society. The following ways can be used to combat inequality without creating an oppression hierarchy.

Equal opportunities of becoming leaders

Elimination of racial segregation procedures

Fair court practices

Equal distribution of economic resources

Fair treatment in public offices and courts


The starting point of Rigging

The Game states how modern agriculture led to inequality procedures. The inequalities, in this case, are created because the discovery of advanced agricultural techniques led to the establishment of social classes due to the accumulation of wealth. The effects of these inequalities are still recorded in the modern American societies in ways stated above. These inequalities can be curbed without creating hierarchy oppression. Among the methods that can be employed to restrain these inequalities include fair distribution of resources.

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