Free Essay Sample about Traveling

Published: 2018-03-22
Free Essay Sample about Traveling
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How Travel Broadens the Mind and Widens Our Horizons

Travel is to move from one place to the other. Traveling nowadays has become more popular as people do travel frequently mostly on holidays than before. On the other hand, jobs also need one to travel from one place to the other such as journalism, politics, and businesses. In such terms, traveling is important as it gives one a purpose of life; explore the world and it better, interact with people and make friends. It also makes a person realize that life is a wonderful gift, enhance in knowledge, and get sight expansion by learning outside the world and that is how one can widen his/her horizon and have a broader mind. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover on how travel widens our horizons and broadens our mind.

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In that regard, traveling is wonderful in its own ways such as it gives one an opportunity to meet and interact with new people. Eat new food, experience new culture, and have a lust to visit more destinations. Travelling can make you realize the opportunities that you never expected, therefore, people are encouraged to go on trips as a way of breaking the monotony and gaining new insights ( Kozak, 2016). As an individual travel is exposed to more new lifestyles, cultures, and people that lead to the new insight of seeing the world hence leading one to have a new purpose of life. However, if someone is in one place always he /she will be stuck cannot know the new sense of life direction and purpose. That is how travel widens our horizons and broadens our mind.

Traveling essay

In such terms, every journey makes us be more experienced and smarter. As it helps us to know foreign languages, notice the cultures and beauty of exotic places, which we have never seen and compare it with the one in our own place and to see whether there is any difference. In that regard, if one stays at one place he/she will not notice anything. However, to travel to new places enables an individual to explore the world and broaden the mind more. Other benefits of traveling include getting a break from the day-to-day work and forget real life problems. It makes one be more independent by moving out and realize how he /she is dependent on other people (Marques, 2014). traveling enables one to build up his/her physical strength by participating in sports. In that case, these kinds of activities are more enjoyable when one is enthusiastic and has good health. Also traveling is a world exploration as it is the best booster that gives an individual a new hope for tomorrow.

Traveling not only facilitates relaxation and relief of stress it also enhances skills and knowledge. Due to that, it is realized that traveling is the best teacher ever because it enables one to get new experiences in life which he/ she will never get in class hence leading his/ her mind to be widened. Unlike a person who has never traveled to any other, place apart from the ones he/she knows might never have the same experience and skills. Individuals are being advised to take most of their time to tour other places during leisure time, as they are known to be the source of hope, prosperity, new skills, knowledge, friends, and relationships.

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