Essay Example: The Positive Sides of Social Media

Published: 2019-06-04
Essay Example: The Positive Sides of Social Media
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Social media is joint and combined online communicational ways that involves interactions, sharing of contents as well as collaboration on a globalized community outlay. Social media comprises of various fundamental examples that include Facebook, Twitter, histogram, Google+, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, blogs, etc. These components of the website are used in relaying information to the public for various purposes and can apply to individuals, business bodies, organizations, and countries or states. Social media influences the development of under-developed, developing and developed countries in varied spheres, that is socially economically and even through political stability and governance. With the rise of the use of social media and the internet, some people believe that its effects are positively mitigated. However many social media has positive influences to the users; it has also led to some demerits depending on the users preference. The paper focuses majorly on the positive sides of the social media as well as the faults that come by in social networking.

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Information communication technology (ICT) growth is highly eminent in the world over. Technological advances have risen to aid in the economic development of countries. The ways by which technology and social media promote economic growth includes the creation of job market. In the United States, ICT jobs are expected to be at 22% by 2020 combined with the 2013 global technology at 8% hence social media is a vibrant interface through which unemployment is quenched (Kaplan, 2010). E-commerce results in attribution to the growth of Gross Development Product of countries like China; this is realized through the advertisement and online services that is offered (Bertot, 2010). Modernization through technology has led to the introduction of virtual industries and services provided by different countries in the integration of citizenship. As a result of the recent technological advances in the business world, both macro and micro enterprises are on the verge of embracing the techniques that are economically friendly. Social media acts a resort for the growth of the businesses that includes sole proprietorship, partners, companies and incorporated institutions (Taylor, 2013). The following are the benefits of using social media in running the businesses; natural understanding and knowledge of customers, for the success of any business industry the proper knowledge of the audience is of great importance. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, acts as the link to accomplish the behavioral mechanistic of the varied customers situated all over the world. Hence the business arms self with better products fitting the potential customers thus earning self-investments.

The geographical location of the audience and their age groups in the company plan is also of importance in effectively managing the returns and targets of your enterprise. Social media acts as a resort in the efficient management of the factors mentioned above. Twitters and Facebook provide the options in which the users highlights there, age, sex, likes, location, etc. which promotes relevancy of information. Thus results in the realization of significant profit margin by the business unit. Social media acts a cheaper means to locate the potential customers. By use of twitters and histogram to mention a few, the business can easily get in touch with their clients and find out ways of satisfying their needs. For an effective communication, feedback of the recipient is of value; this is realized in the social media as they offer immediate feedback. As a result time, management is fully implemented, and direct action towards accomplishing the task is done. Getting the customers ideas on consumption of a given type of product is of great significance for selling it out. The existence of a particular business in a market environment is significantly dependent on understanding its surroundings; these include competitors and specific preferences by the customers. Social media forms a basis through which the venture learns the varied techniques by the competitors easily and finds the business opportunities available. Thus utilizes them completely well for the realization of success. These market intelligence gained boosts the strategic business plans and meeting the set out objectives. The status or well-being of the premises portfolio is as high as its success. The business can venture into social ranking to boosts the rate at which its customers view it, through this, the company can find out ways of improving the services appropriately meeting the needs laid out by the customers entirely.

Social media also enhances the rate of sharing the contents of the businesses both vertically and horizontally. A company can opt to share their products outlay with their followers in the twitters, histogram, Facebook and other Medias and, as a result, reaching a very high number in a short time. The horizontal sharing of information involves the business premises resorting to having common information sharing amongst selves to help increases quality all over the world at a faster and cheapest way. Emerging trends in business are a result of enhanced social media. Therefore for the understanding and adverse knowledge of the customers and encourage relations between the clients and the premise social media is currently embraced fully. By use of convenient security patterns in the social media, the business avoids the internet hackers enhancing their privacy. Hence, the operations well fabricated. It leads to massive economic continental growth and makes the world a global village. Social networking in social media like bloggers, Wikipedia and Google is of relevance in advancing education. For a complete dimensional economic growth, the eradication and alleviations of illiteracy by individuals worldwide must be encouraged. This is achieved by promoting education. For an individual to access the website and mobile system he/she must have the background knowledge of how it functions. For this reason, the interest and passion for learning are developed. Hence, school attendance realized. It has resulted into increased number of learning institutions with expertise and better professions. The living standards of the individuals and technical know-how are also recognized in the process hence the productivity ratio elevated. The educated fellows have developed proper profiles in the social networking process subsequently reaching their public domain when addressing the pertinent issues. This is found in the LinkedIn social interface and leads to the inclusion of their professional areas, experience, and passions among other events in place. This has resulted in cheaper and easier ways of reaching employers for the job market. The interplay also equips the prospective learners with the relevant information on the field of study. Twitted quotations by Paul Barron said that; I use the internet to generate ideas, map the trending and strategically compass for our businesses online. This confirms the reality of online business ventures. In summary, social media is necessarily important in experiencing the economic growth rate both nationally and internationally.

The social media fosters empowered social interactions all over the world. Social media forms a podium through which youths and the elders share their cultural practices, customs, and beliefs. This is prominent in the Facebook, twitters, blogs, etc., and results in unity and advance in knowledge. Through the social media, people discuss social issues affecting them all over towards findings their solutions. Various events, fundraisers, and activities are organized on the social media without the challenge of geographical locations and enhancing social compatibility. Hence, this networking provides accessible and efficient awareness forum involving a bigger audience whose opinions are well orchestrated (Ellison, 2007).

Social networking also provides a podium that builds the social trust and honesty. This includes relevant debates of national, local and international matters, hence improving the skills of the individuals towards solving and handling issues at play. This platform also includes developing and nurturing a persons skills to keep friends network and have a common understanding all over the world. The nurtured trust amongst the youth improves their confidence in handling community cores successfully, finding solutions to their challenges, facing the public domain as well as developing immunes towards the peer challenges imposed on them. Therefore with the social networking in place the young in the society navigates their environs and their elderly easily, through a better understanding of life in all spheres. Maintained friendship in the network is the epitome to having the current updates and relevance in the world today and only achieved through embracing social media (Chou, 2012). Social interactions become complete by inclusions of various arts like, music, drawing, wrestling, games, etc. with the advent of networking posting of the different arts in place; both the adults and the youth are in touch with mentioned arts above. These varied users are involved in activities on site, creation of the contents uploading and surfing the relevant information. As a result creativity and innovation of the users in enhanced that leads to the development of the social scope.

The networking platform provides the needed set for showcasing arts like film, photography, music and writing. Hence equips the users with relevant knowledge on how to make it whole and having the required decision making skills for the same. In developing customized licenses, the social media offers such opportunities, which are user-friendly. Hence, the relevant users diversify it to achieve his objectives making social relations a reality and a better option. Social networking promotes the development of skills like, team player, and listening skills, critical thinking that is of high value for an advanced society. Through the recurrent networking processes, different people all over the world are sometimes involved in competition by analysis of a video chart, an opinion or upcoming events to come with different solutions. This, as a result, leads to developed social thinking and uptake of social issues thats keeps on arising. Social networking promotes discoveries of individuals in relations to social life. This is achieved by reading the blogs and other Medias relevant to the information. The users log in and get the knowledge about the specific community way of carrying out events as well as the history that can be used to predict the future. This encourages the promotion of interests of the creation of groups addressing the same issues, hence finds the interested parties of the same opinion. This broadens the horizon of an individual by studying the lifestyle of the distinct community in the entire world. In a case of mistreatment by a given a community against human rights, social interactions from the platform through which its condemned, and the right course of action demanded. A Proper understanding of the human nature and its elemental compositions like peace, unity, and love is fostered through social networking. This is achieved by providing the relevant updated electronic sources in the social media. Wikipedia and Google links provide the user with the information about the same. Hence, the comparative analysis can be carried out by the individual user in the cultural activities that binds his community to the others in the world; as a result the person appreciates life. The social media also provides the user with varied ways of coping with the hostile environment independently and virtuously with...

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