Personal Narrative Essay Example

Published: 2019-09-30
Personal Narrative Essay Example
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I remember the days of my childhood when I was not bound to worship the Lord neither was I a sinner. When I did not have to answer all, yet I used to enjoy a blissful pitcher. When I used to wait for the night as it brings stars that glitter. Those are the days of innocence, the days of unfathomable pleasures, the days full of life, the days where darkness was nothing more than a black color, where the night was the symbol of peace and sleep. I remember those days; their arrival is unknown or else I would do everything to reach out the reign of peace, the other word childhood. Being a child, I aimed to grow up for bringing a change in the world, but now I crave for my childhood since the world seems to be harsh enough.

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My childhood was bright, full of memories, and enchanting moments of blissful reality, combined with the innocence resulted in a momentous mix. I remember my childhood because I have no reason of forgetting it, no bounds of time, life was more like a gift, no pains to lift. All that vanished away by the move of time and killed my prime. My prime beholds the innocence, an uncompromising eloquence, which may be why I had no power to express in sequence. The recall of my past event, an event which gave me the sense of development, makes me realize the things I lost.

During my elementary days, I was too young to understand the bitter reality of life. I remember the difficult times I had during my elementary days because I was outstandingly young. Sometimes people took advantage of my age to bully or harass me. The reason for this in my view was my inability to defend myself from older individuals in the school. Additionally, the system was not structured to protect those who were weak and vulnerable.

The most memorable experience in school was my encounter with three guys who were by far much older than me during my elementary level. I remember one day during break time as I was enjoying my lunch, three guys approached me and started harassing me. They came around and started bullying me and aimed at my lunch box trying to take it by force. I was very hungry, so I resisted, and I was not going to let them take it at any cost. However, I was weak, and I could not stand against those guys because they were stronger and older. They, therefore, managed to snatch away my lunch. They were students of bigger classes. Therefore, I was scared of what could happen to me if I dared to take the issue too far. I was afraid of handling the issue myself because it something that needed an intervention of a senior individual. First, I was afraid that the individuals could make their behavior a habit and keep harassing and eating my food every time we came across each other during break time. I was afraid that if I reported them, they could become agitated and seek revenge against me through violent means. So any measures I was going to take were meant to stop them from doing this again at the same time avoid any form of trouble with them.

So, as I thought, my fears were confirmed because it happened again. My lunch was taken away. I went to my classroom looking for senior individual to help me with the situation and so I complained to the teacher about it. But he was not able to give me a satisfying solution saying that it was not his responsibility. He seemed helpful at first, but he changed his mind later saying that I should report the matter to a different individual within the school.

This statement broke my heart, and I felt like my tears had dried out. I first had a glimpse at the selfish nature of human beings and later I realized the similarity between the grownups. They were all selfish then, and so I am right now. The simplicity vanishes away all due to materialism and social inequality. I then to defend myself against such individuals if they ever confronted me again. I decided to fight for myself, and that is what I have held on to, and that is what has helped me reach the level I am now.

Despite all the life struggles that we go through our lives, it is evident that they are all part of the journey of life. All the incidences that we encounter in life are supposed o prepare us for our future life and adulthood. Coincidentally, even success is a process too.We all travel towards success, but sometimes we all can experience a crash, with the only reason behind such crash being the conflict between our capacity for abilities and the dreams we aim to pursue. Conflict in ones personality may end harming oneself or the others at stake around him.

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