Photo Essay Sample about Mexican Immigrants

Published: 2022-05-19
Photo Essay Sample about Mexican Immigrants
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In the photo essay, Pinzon depicts Mexican immigrants in favorite superhero costumes. In his article, the photographer raises questions on the definition of heroism and how immigrant labor is invisible. Pinzon implies the society easily takes the day-to-day heroes for granted. The real heroes are not the ones who save the day once in a while, but they are the ordinary men and women who wake up daily and report to work, working hard and in extreme conditions to provide for their families. In his article, Mexican New Yorkers Are Steady Force in Workplace, Kirk Semple writes about the struggles of Mexican immigrants to get jobs. He highlights that they are discriminated against since they have lower odds of getting good jobs as compared to the whites, but they do not give up. Some Mexicans leave their families and come to the United States looking for a better livelihood to support their families. These are the real heroes and not the fascinating characters presented in superhero movies. According to the article, Superhero Worship by Virginia, the film present superheroes as people with good looks and superpowers. The control their bodies and the environment. They are the kind of people who can fly and will save the right type of party from a meteor. This is an unrealistic definition of a superhero since the movies present them as extraordinary people, who can do things that ordinary man cannot do, and this has driven ignorance. The society can no longer appreciate the sacrifices immigrants make for their families, hence the eviction and discrimination. Nonetheless, Pinzon depicts them as superheroes, in one picture, an immigrant working in a restaurant wears a fire costume signifying he can conquer fire, while the one working in the construction industry wears the outfit of rocks, showing he is healthy and hard as a rock.

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From the images, it is clear that immigrants take hard jobs to boosts development. The immigrants work hard so that they can provide for their families since the Mexican economy partially relies on the money generated by immigrants. Both immigrants from the images work in tedious jobs. One has to endure the heat while the other has to use a lot of strength drilling rocks, all so that they can boost societal development. Kirk Semple argues that immigrants are here to stay, and they have contributed significantly to the development of New York. They live in New York, paying rent, which is later translated to economic growth. Despite the pay they get, immigrants still send some money home, $300-$400 weekly. Immigrants also take jobs that Americans do not want. Even though these jobs are disliked, they are essential in the society, and for life to go smoothly, they have to be done. Immigrants work as nannies, construction workers, and laundry women. These jobs are very demanding, and the pay is not very high but they must be done, and since other people avoid doing these jobs, the Mexican immigrants who take the jobs are superheroes since they save the day. Superheroes are not only in emergency rooms, or where there are disasters, they are found in the day to day life. The superheroes make enormous sacrifices for survival by doing jobs that Americans do not want, but they end up being ignored. Even though they do not have the luxury of being selective Mexican immigrants should be appreciated more for their work since the society cannot survive without them.

From Virginia's, Superhero Worship in the Atlantic," the superheroes are powerful and mysterious celebrities." A superhero is viewed as an individual who has extraordinary powers and carries out extraordinary life-threatening acts, for example, they can fly, and they can save a party from a meteor. In her essay, Pinzon eliminates this notion of superheroes demonstrating that anyone engaging in constructive duties is a superhero. Over the years, immigrants have faced eviction, and they have been accused of being a burden to the Americans' economy. Trump's administration is building the Mexican border wall and has deported numerous immigrants since they are a burden. Pinzon contradicts this view portraying immigrants as builders of the American economy. Immigrants are selfless, and they would do anything to help each other. For example, Semple features a Mexican couple who share their home with another family after working six days a week at a grocery store in Brooklyn. This stresses the point that immigrants are heroes, they save the day time and again yet the society casts a blind eye. Americans want the white collar jobs forgetting that the blue collar job industry will experience a shortage of workers. Since they want to provide for their families, Mexican immigrants take blue collar jobs, not because they are the best jobs, but because they have to save their families. This is heroic, and it also promotes societal development. Immigrants should not be evicted; they should not be discriminated against, they should be appreciated by creating a conducive environment or them to work.

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