Benefits of Exercise Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-09
Benefits of Exercise Essay Example
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Physical exercise essay

Physical exercise is known as the most cost-effective way of keeping the body healthy. Lack of physical makes our bodies prone to various diseases, growing old early, losing energy and even losing the beauty of our young age early. There are various kinds of exercises that one can choose in order to keep the body healthy; like a morning walk, cycling, swimming, and jogging. People are advised to spare some time and spend an hour or so doing some of these exercises, or one may prefer to exercise in a gym. In the recent year's yoga, meditation has become popular as they are easy and efficient modes of activities.

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Many health problems should be prevented or controlled through physical exercises, without necessarily looking for medical attention. Some of these health conditions are not as uncontrollable as some people may think; it only takes some bit of commitment in strictly having physical exercise. These diseases include;

Type of cardiovascular exercise

Heart or cardiovascular diseases is a condition that affects the heart and includes vessel disease such as coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problem among others. Heart disease can easily be improved, controlled or prevented through changing some lifestyle, like making physical exercise a daily routine. Using any aerobic exercises is helpful for our heart, some of the aerobic exercises that we can engage for the sake of healthy heart are; walking, running, swimming, cycling, interval training and so on.

Cardiovascular disease prevalence in the society

• About 610,000 are killed by heart disease in the US yearly. This is translated to 1 in every four deaths.

• Heart disease contributes to half of the death in the society.

• Coronary heart disease is estimated to kill more than 370,000 per day worldwide.

Mental and emotional health can be improved through exercise

Due to rapid growth in metabolic syndrome and obesity, a change in life could significantly affect our health and even the quality of individual's life that could lead to some mental condition. Exercise being one of the lifestyle changes one should adopt. Mental health patients are at risk of chronic diseases that are associated with sedentary behaviors. Many patients and health professional do not appreciate the importance of exercise concerning mental health.

Mental health patient prevalence

In the world, one in four people is believed that one time in their lives will be affected by mental disorder. Research shows that about 450 million people currently have mental illness hence making mental disorder one of the major causes of health problems worldwide. Governments all over the world have a role to play; they must lead in encouraging exercise to citizens. 40% and above all states must have health policy, health program and mental health legislation to curb the high number of mental health problem.

Fighting obesity

Obesity is an overweight condition with body max index of over 30. Individual's health is always at risk especially the heart with a chance of cancers. Physical exercise is essential for weight loss; it should be a permanent lifestyle which would result in burning off calories hence losing weight. Exercising for an individual with obesity helps in maintaining muscle tone, increasing metabolic rate and improve circulation that leads to controlling or preventing Obesity.

Obesity prevalence

Obesity all over the world has doubled since the year 1980; it is estimated that in the year 2014, over 19 billion adults were overweight, out of the 19 billion 600 million were already obese of 39% were 18 years.

Recommended exercise methods

Exercise should be activities that lead to your body burning calories. They include activities like going up the stairs, sports in a field like a football, basketball. Also, aerobics exercise is very helpful to the heart. Aerobic exercise includes walking, running, riding a bike, swimming and stretching. All these activities are recommended for maintaining our healthy body apart from boosting flexibility and stamina. From the above activities the simplest and least involving is walking, can be done anywhere, like walking from your home to shopping instead of driving, walking from job to a restaurant and even taking some time after work and do some strolling. These effectively improve our general health apart from being enjoyable.


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