Free Essay with Nursing Student Tips

Published: 2018-03-27
Free Essay with Nursing Student Tips
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Surviving a nursing school is one of the most difficult things for a nursing student. Most of the programs offered are rigorous and demanding from the start of the course to the end. Students who lack essential classroom skills, time management skill, and study skills may fail to go through the course. Understanding my learning style has helped me to work on it and improve. Time management skill has helped me to attend over 95% of my classes. Doing the assigned reading before the class has also helped me to stay ahead of the instructor. Therefore, I understand most of the content I encounter in the classroom. Taking short notes has also helped me in having complete content.

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The instructor can choose from different teaching styles such as lectures, high-fidelity simulation, concept mapping or role playing among others. However, high-fidelity simulation and role playing have been my best. High-fidelity simulation is a type of science and art where clinical scenarios are recreated using the artificial settings which are realistic and mimic the patient care environment. It is my favorite as it allows for direct application of theoretical knowledge. Role playing, on the other hand, has been remarkable in that it improves critical thinking where the learner can spontaneously tackle a problem. It helps the student to counter the anxiety that may be experienced in the future career. Online learning needs additional skills as they do not have scheduled to happen in class meetings. Time management is the most critical skill in this learning as the student may find himself or herself prioritizing unnecessary activities due to its flexibility. Course planning including discussion topics and activity designs should be adopted.

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