Essay Sample on Campari Tomato

Published: 2022-12-23
Essay Sample on Campari Tomato
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Campari tomato is a type of tomato that is known for its qualities of juiciness, low acidity, sweetness, and lack of mealiness. It appears to be similar to cherry tomatoes but they are slightly bigger and deep red but are smaller and rounder compared to plum tomato. Its scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum which is a hybrid plant that is indeterminate to its vine. It has regular leaves and is known for its resistance to the tobacco mosaic virus. It can grow up to 6 feet and can take 70-80 days for it to fully mature (Ashley, 2011).

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I chose Campari tomato because my mother used it as the major ingredient in making her favorite soup roasted Campari tomato basil soup together with my grandmother. It has become a family favorite as it has been passed from generation to generation. It is our secret family recipe. Campari tomatoes are grown best in the warm climate and can be planted starting in the late winter and early spring. It is a traditional vegetable that can be grown in containers, a hydroponic system or in baskets with regards to its growth concepts. South California is among the few areas in the United States that grows the type of tomato (Dan, 2016). It is mainly planted during late winter and mid-spring to allow harvesting in May that serves through early autumn and late summer. The warm climate provides good growth of the tomatoes before they begin to flower and fruit.

Campari tomato is a hybrid that developed in the late 20th-century market and was branded as 'tomato lover's tomato.' It became a supermarket's favorite vegetable as it had a convincing tagline. It has a multitude of nutrients ranging from vitamins and minerals including lycopene that acts as an antioxidant that may help in the reduction of cancer risk. Bone health and heart health like prevention of unwanted clumping of platelets are linked to tomatoes nutritional value (Steve, 2013). They are harvested and shipped while still attached to the vine to ensure continuous ripening from the top of the cluster down and to eliminate the need for the use of pesticides

Since it is a favorite supermarket vegetable, there is a need to pick the fresh ones while at the grocery stores. Choose Campari tomatoes that are bright, shiny skins and firm flesh. This will ensure about a week before they go bad (Adhikari, 2017). To ensure this, they must be stored in room temperature and away from the sun. Avoid refrigeration because they taste best when not but if need be then refrigerated only when you cannot use them before spoil.

Campari tomato has a high sugar level, yet its nutritional value shows that they are low on fat, cholesterol free as well as low in calories. This is an interesting fact since its high sugar levels do not possess cholesterol or fat. Foods that have high sugar levels usually have high fats, cholesterol and calorie levels (Noel et al. 2010). It is thus used in dishes that require the high sugar levels content like in sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and soups. Campari tomato is a nutritious vegetable as it also contains high levels of vitamin A and C coupled with high-level potassium.

In summary, the Campari tomato is a widespread vegetable that is known for its redness, sweetness, low in acidity and juicy taste. It mainly grows in a warm climate and can be planted during the late winter and early autumn. It is a favorite supermarket vegetable that does not require refrigeration. It is a hybrid that is attached to the vine. It has high sugar levels but low on cholesterol, fats, and calories. It is thus a very nutritious vegetable.


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