Essay Samples on Saint Paul John the Great

Published: 2019-07-18
Essay Samples on Saint Paul John the Great
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The Catholic Church is renowned for its age-old traditions that have continued to nurture societies for centuries. The church has played a great role in various spheres such as healthcare, education and leadership. It has been hailed as one of the most organized institutions that have mustered the art of balancing religion and service delivery against the backdrop of a secularized society. The Catholic schools further are pinnacles of discipline, morality, and commitment. This is what Saint Paul John the Great represents.

My desire to join Saint Paul John the Great school is driven be my desire to uphold and incorporate my Christian values in my academics. The education program at the institution is based on religious beliefs and values enabling one to grow in true understanding of self, Christianity and others. The Catholic beliefs further promote family input in ones learning experience meaning that my parents and other family members will be able to participate actively in my education in various ways.

The institution is keen on its core mandate of educating. The school has professionals committed to bringing out the best of every student as they grow in skills, knowledge and values. The selection of the educators at the institution is based on high criteria that focus on faith, qualifications, and talents. This means that the institution in many ways understands the pivotal role played by a teacher in the education facet.

Research further stipulates that many Catholic schools outperform other public institutions. This is highly driven by the quality infrastructure services and education program offered. Proper and well-stocked libraries, for instance, ensure students have proper access to academic resources. Guidance and counseling services are also offered by professionals ensuring that students stay at school is okay and anchored on well-being in all aspects.


I would like my daughter to attend Saint Paul John the Great due to varied reasons. The institution has a notable reputation, which is anchored on educational success, spiritual growth, and self-discipline. All these aspects are well represented and factored in the schools education program. As a parent, educational success is crucial for my daughter as she launches her path to her future endeavors. With Saint Paul John the Great, she will achieve this due to the holistic approach adopted when it comes to education. The school has well-trained professionals for teachers that are grounded on intrinsic Christian values and morals that are integral in the nurturing of the impressionable young students.

The school, further, has modern facilities that are essential in advancing the education mandate. The classes, the library and the use of technology in teaching clearly put the school at par with other international schools. It is with such facilities, that I believe my daughter will be able to tap into her hidden talents and gifts that will be essential in propelling her into a successful future.

The school is also founded on the need to establish tolerance and understanding which I value as a parent. My daughter currently lives in contemporary society that is highly globalized and founded on diversity. She needs to enhance her empathy and interpersonal skills in order to fit in the global society. The school will allow her to interact with children from various backgrounds endowed differently in gifts and intellect, it will thus be beneficial for her in her advancement of her socialization skills.

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