The Behavior I Would Like to Change, Free Essay on Human Behavior

Published: 2022-03-22
The Behavior I Would Like to Change, Free Essay on Human Behavior
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Change is a very crucial part of human life. Both personal and professional change is always necessary. In our current world, people find themselves struggling with harmful behaviors. At the personal level, millions of people worldwide struggle daily to overcome deviant behaviors such as smoking and drug addiction. Some people succeed in overcoming their abnormal behaviors, while others, due to factors such as addiction, relapse and have to start from square one once again (Marcus et al.,1992). Understanding change in human life is therefore beneficial in helping clients to transform successfully into their better selves by letting go of some damaging habits and behaviors. One behavior that I have always tried to change is my weak stance about setting personal boundaries with people. I have a problem with letting in people too easily. This behavior has affected my personal life negatively in the past, and if I could find a way to change it successfully, then I am assured of a more stable personal life in future.

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The stage of the change model which best reflects my current level is the preparation state. The preparation stage is the third stage of the change model. The reason why I fit into this stage is that I can identify with the characteristics that describe the preparation stage. For instance, I have been regularly telling myself that I have got to change (Norcross, Krebs & Prochaska,2011). The rate which I keep letting people into my life without any boundaries is a grave concern to me. The preparation stage is where people show a strong will for change. I firmly believe it is possible to change my behavior. I have been trying to gather information about how I can overcome my monstrous behavior. I have read online articles and utilized available literature to understand why to keep behaving this way and how I can change it. I also have at one instant talked to a counselor once to find out the available resources that can help me to overcome my behavior. The preparation stage is characterized by people talking small step to gather all the information that is necessary before they embark on changing their behavior. I am still preparing to start overcoming my behavior.

The plan I am anticipating to start changing my behavior will involve trying to improve my self-esteem first. By improving my self-esteem, I believe I can value myself more and stop being an easy catch for individuals who I consider as not the right people to come into my life. I have been reading books about improving self-esteem. The first step in my plan would, therefore, involve raising my self-worth. I also plan to cut contacts with all the people who I have let into my life and don't seem to be adding value to me. Finally, I will try as much as possible to keep on deflecting anybody who tries to get into my personal life before I understand their motive. This will include avoiding any private communications and meetings with them at all times. This plan is very realistic. I believe it will take me about two months to accomplish this plan. Some of the things that may hinder me from achieving what I have decided though might include having times of low self-esteem that will make me vulnerable. Another factor that can prevent me from accomplishing what I have planned would be spending time with those people I believe do not add any value to my life.I am supposed to cut all contact with them as suggested by the sources I have explored concerning this matter.

There are useful resources that will help me accomplish my target. These resources include online articles talking about behavior change, available books and any print media and also counselors. I have to read the books and to visit a counselor to give me constant guidance on behavior change. I will also need enough finances to keep on visiting professionals and buy enough literature on behavior change. I will need friends who believe in me and who will encourage me in my behavior change journey.

Changing behavior or adopting new behaviors is not always easy. Research shows that more than half of those people who embark on behavioral change missions are likely to relapse at some point. This might be due to weak guidance and little knowledge about the behavior they are trying to change. I believe it would be quite challenging to stop letting people in too easily without boundaries. This is because I like making new friends and I also trust people easily. I would, therefore, be careful not to go back to my former behavior.

I have come to understand the struggles that my clients undergo in trying to change their deviant behaviors. From my personal experience trying to change a behavior, I now understand why for example, the clients for example those who are smokers and drug addicts keep relapsing. It is understandably not easy for them to leave behind their old behaviors. The drug addicts, for example, will always be tempted to continue with their behavior when they see their friends using the drugs they have been struggling to avoid (DiClemente, Schlundt & Gemmell,2004). However, I believe that with proper coaching, the clients I have met can successfully transform their characters.


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