Ideology, Feminism and Pop Culture - Essay Sample for Your Inspiration

Published: 2022-05-17
Ideology, Feminism and Pop Culture - Essay Sample for Your Inspiration
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This essay aims to discourse the concept of ideology and how it is used and abused. Most specifically, how the concept of ideology affects the daily lives shall be discussed. Also, the paper shall seek to find the answers on how the concept influences pop culture and its relations with feminism.

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Shared thoughts on the term ideology are when people refer to their specific individual judgments. However, the concept is general and not tied to an individual's way of thinking. Ideology is a crucial concept in life since it plays a fundamental role in the shaping different aspects of individuals lives. In the same manner, the society as a whole is organized with the slightest bit to function in a given pattern by ideologies (Jost, et al., 2008). Overall, ideology directly relates to the economic structures, productions, political system and the social structure. In definition, Michael (2013) emphasizes that ideology is the scope through which people view the world. It is the worldview of a person that sums up their assumptions, realism, culture, beliefs, values, and self-prospects and those of others. A more straightforward definition is Eagleton (2014) while quoting Stuart Hall who refers to ideology as the context of reasoning about the social world which people use to understand their place and how things work in on this framework. (Eagleton, 2014) As it can be seen, it occurs clear that ideology is essential to human experience and a tool people cling on to defend their conscious and subconscious doings. As ideology arises, it is expressive of the social interests and reinforced by it.

Across the globe today, one of the leading ideologies is one that calls for equality of the genders and sexuality. For quite sometimes women have been neglected. Consequently, there has risen a movement that calls for same treatment for the sexes known as feminism. In describing what feminism is, Storey (2018) claims the feminism is the belief in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes. The core belief is that sexism still exists since it is enduring and culturally ingrained. Pop culture has played the forefront in trying to expose the aspects of gender inequality that still exists in the society. This begs the question of what does pop culture has to do with women rights?

Pop culture is the standard features of the society which are entirely notions, viewpoints, attitudes and descriptions (Stacy, 2014). Entertainment is the most common pop culture which includes movies, tv, news, technology, fashion or politics. What feminism has to do with pop culture is that the ideology uses this channel to indicate how society is presented with the distorted image of the reality. It can be assumed that pop culture is a powerful method of educating. It is ideological since it offers the truth as a whole. One of the central tenets of the modern struggle for feminism, Beyonce has used pop culture to educate. In her essay, Knowles-Carter (2014) provides statistics the proves that women are not in charge yet. Her cry has influenced the pop culture for several years. This confirms that popular culture forms a function in expressing grievances that can contribute to social change.

In the light of this discussion, it is clear that ideologies shape people viewpoint of the world. As evident with feminism, the understanding of the truthful is determined by how the ideology is expressed. Pop culture has played a crucial role in promoting feminism. However, it will be time before the world sees an end to the outcry.

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