Utilizing Employee Survey Data, Free Essay in HRM

Published: 2022-03-22
Utilizing Employee Survey Data, Free Essay in HRM
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Employee organizational surveys are very imperative in enabling a conducive working environment. The employee surveys refer to engagements between the employees and the managers discussing numerous issues affecting the organization including issues such as productivity, turnover, and remunerations. Such surveys within an organization are greatly essential as they result in augmented engagement, reduced employee turnover, increased organizational profits, the establishment of amicable conflict resolution methods and reduced operational costs (Qualtrics, 2016).

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Regarding this particular case scenario, the pre-survey actions were purposed at trying to evaluate the root of the issues that the employees had raised such as manger's cruelty and other issues including increased employee turnover. Therefore, the survey purposes to answer the questions why the employee turnover had risen so high and find answers on why the manager was cruel, overused overtime, bullied other employees and was partial as he favored certain employees. Upon answering these questions, the organization could, therefore, make decisions on what to do next now that they have the survey results.

When using employee's survey results, one can administer numerous significant things. These include opinion surveys, the attitudes of employees towards the survey and conduct interviews with the employees for purposes of verifying the information already at hand. Some of the questions that would be significant for HR professionals would be:

As an employee, do you feel that the manager inappropriately uses your working hours?

What is your thought on equality and fairness within the organization basing your arguments on the manger?

How is work within the organization distributed? Is it in a fair way?

The data that the organization has already gathered is essential in helping the organization discover that there are critical concerns that need urgent solutions such as improper use of overtime by the managers, bullying, favoritism that potentially, could have resulted to an increase in employee's turnover. Proper utilization of this information, therefore, can help in the inquiry of why these issues are happening within the organization. For example, the people conducting the survey could discuss with the employees (as a group), the already raised concerns and request them to fill other survey forms for further investigations into the issues. Additionally, Saari and Judge (2013) argue that during the utilization of the results from the survey, the surveyors could use order survey results (if they exist) to evaluate how things were when the particular older surveys were conducted and how then, the issues were solved. In fact, there could be more to the HR concerns than what actually meets the eye and in this regard, acquisition of information from the older surveys could be potentially imperative in helping the organization's HR department in getting crucial and relevant answers to their queries subsequently developing ways to deal with the concerns.

Employee survey data are essential as they mainly offer crucial information in regard to numerous organization's topics such as employee's satisfaction, employee morale, employee-organizational turnover and employee's involvement with the organization. since this information is thereby essential, particularly based on the fact that the organization in this scenario has close operational link with the Department of Defense which is crucial in the security issues of an organization, then, there are numerous tips that must be adhered. Especially in ensuring that the attitude of the employee towards work and the organization, in general, is not affected (Qaltrics, 2016).

Most significantly, during the utilization of the survey, the survey team must ensure that employee's confidentiality is guaranteed. In this way, the team members must reassure their employees that their views are protected thus the information they offer will be treated with utmost confidentiality (Saari and Judge, 2013). If the survey team expects the employees to be honest in giving their views, then the survey team must also ensure that the survey is synonymous and a sense of employee-information security is created. For example, if the information on the cruelty of the mangers is exposed, the manager might fire the employees to keep records within the organization clean. In addition, since this organization operates closely with the ministry of defense, it would be more likely that any leakage of the employee's views on the organization would potentially cripple the national security.

A survey of the employee's view, morale, and perception of the organization is essential and it is a good thing for the organization to possess. Through the survey, the organization can thereafter amend the already existing organizational policies or implement other policies that may support effective organizational functions and HR operations. Therefore, once the survey team has the survey results as it is in this scenario, Qualtrics (2016) suggests that the organization should take the initial step of understanding the satisfaction of the employees over the long run. Repeated surveys in this respect are essential, as it will help in comparing different results over time. Through these comparisons, the organization is in a better position to discover which issue among between increased employee's turnover and manager's favoritism, unfairness, misuse of time requires immediate attention and solutions.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above arguments that employee's survey results widely supports HR activities within the organization in many ways. These ways include, through the survey results, it is possible for the organization to discover the satisfaction levels of the employees, evaluate the rate of employee's turnover within the organization and solve critical issues affecting the productivity of the employees such as unfairness in the distribution of activities within the organization. All these are HR activities that are supported by employee survey reports. Another crucial issue that should be upheld during the utilization of employee's survey report is confidentiality. At no instance should the employee's view be made public, as this would compromise the security of the employees, the organization or even the country at large especially when there is a direct linkage between the results and the security of the nation.


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