Nursing Essay Example on Advanced Nurse Practice

Published: 2022-04-07
Nursing Essay Example on Advanced Nurse Practice
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Advanced practice nurses play a major role in dragonizing, treating and rehabilitating the affected members in the society. They play part in ensuring a healthy mental condition; however, there are certain important task that they can undertake in order to impact positively the life of the affected parties (KostasPolston et al.2015).

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One of the ways they can adopt to advance their roles in this case is by maintaining a close bond between them and the parties at risk. They should conduct regular training to affected children and families on how best to overcome various challenges. The advanced practice nurses should also ensure that any mental problem affecting individuals is adequately attended to as first as possible to avoid a greater danger and most importantly any problem should be identified at a primary level before it get to the worst stage.

Another point on how nurses can expand their roles in the society is by making follow ups to the ailing individuals. This is important because some of these members lack people to talk to and share out their progress for fear of being looked down upon in the society (Bryant-Lukosius et al. 2017). Making regular follow ups will yield success because the nurses will have an opportunity to learn more on the progress of the patients hence coming up with better ways of dealing with any upcoming challenge. Most of these people especially the young ones and the adolescent do not actually know what is going on in their life and hence nurses will have to take an extra step in establishing the best way of dealing with these vulnerable group (Maier, Aiken & Busse, 2017). Furthermore, for nurses to advance their role in the society, they should maintain a very strong bond with these members and making constant follow up so as to fully establish what actually is going on in their life and so as to attend to them fully and offer appropriate solutions (Milstead, 2013).


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