Informed Consent and Debriefing - Free Essay for Everyone

Published: 2022-06-01
Informed Consent and Debriefing - Free Essay for Everyone
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Consent form to engage in a research study conducted by (Researchers Name), (email), and (phone number) of the Grand Canyon University.

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Introduction: Below is a description of the research procedure I will engage in as well as an explanation of my rights as a research participant. According to the policies of Grand Canyon University, I am required to read through the information contained herein carefully. If I am willing to participate, my signature in the space provided will be an indication that I content to the information contained in the consent form. My participation guarantees me the entitlement to receiving a signed copy of this form.

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to understand how violent video games influence violent behavior. Your participation in this study will facilitate the researchers in understanding the nature of learning in humans.

Duration and location of case study: After I consent to participate in this case study, my participation will last for approximately two hours and it will take place at the Grand Canyon University grounds.

Procedures: In the course of this study, I will be asked to engage in a series of experiments that help the researchers to determine whether violent video games prime users to behave violently. In this study about video games, the dominant model of learning is built on the premise that the exposure of players to concepts such as violence in games increases the likelihood of their application in real life. In research, this is known as priming and researchers believe that it catalyzes changes in behavior. As a participant, I will play a game in which I will be required to either be a vehicle avoiding collisions, or a mouse that is avoiding capture by a mouse. I will then be shown different images such as a bus or a dog. I will then be required to label each image as either a vehicle or an animal. This test will evaluate whether I have been primed through immersing myself in the concepts of the game by evaluating the rate at which I categorize the objects that are related to the game in the real world.

Potential risks and discomforts: I was briefed that there are no reported or known risks linked to participating in this study. I also understand that there are no discomforts expected from the same either. I understand that I am at liberty to notify the researcher of any perceived risks or discomforts if and when they occur.

Benefits: I am likely to incur the potential benefit of comprehending the research process in depth as a result of participating in this study. There will be no additional benefits such as compensation, which can take the form of gift cards, money, or vouchers and my participation is purely voluntary.

Compensation: I will receive no reimbursement for my participation in this study since my services are voluntary.

Confidentiality: My understanding is that the data collected in this study will be held in confidentiality unless the law requires such an act. I will be informed of any undertaking to breach my confidentiality. In such a case, the researcher will replace my name with a code number on the data sheet. For further confidentiality, the researcher will keep the code numbers and names in a secure location and separately from one another. After the elapse of two years, all the identity-related information will be destroyed permanently and the data will remain anonymous in storage.

Right to refuse or withdraw: My participation in this study is voluntary. To this end, I understand that I may decline to participate or withdraw from participation at any point of my choosing. There will be no penalty for withdrawal or discontinuation. I may lack the full information about nature and purpose, and essence of the study until I complete my participation as scheduled. I understand that I may withhold the responses that I offered in the subsequent analysis upon the completion of my participation sessions. I also realize that the researcher holds the right to withdraw me or discontinue me from participation in the study at any time.

Offer to answer questions: In case I have questions relating to the study, I may reach out to the researcher on phone at (insert phone number) or email at (insert email) or the faculty member in charge of supervising this study at (insert phone number) or (insert email). In case I have questions regarding my rights as a participant, I may contact the Grand Canyon University at (insert phone number) or (insert phone number).

I hereby certify that I am 18 years old or above and I consent to participate in this study.

(Insert participant's signature here) (Insert date here)

Person obtaining consent: I have given my consent to the person named above the time to read this consent form and I have answered any question relating to the study directed to me by the participant. I will provide the participant with a copy of this consent form.

(Insert the signature of the researcher here) (Insert date here)


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