Essay Example. Management Skills

Published: 2023-02-13
Essay Example. Management Skills
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According to Dittmer, Knackendoffel, & Thurston (2013) Leadership and teamwork skills determine an excellent manager. Based on this analogy, experience, effective communication, reliability, and delegation of responsibilities define a good manager, especially in games (Dettmer et al., 2013). Significantly, this paper intends to explore the responses on both John McGraw and Connie mark as great manager but with different approaches and tactics of management and justify the opinion.

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Response to John Connie Mack

Based on my reflection, I like the fact that the first response acknowledges the fact that Connie Mack was a great leader who embraces professionalism in the general organization of the team. He delegated duties and responsibilities equitably to all the take holders with a higher degree of professionalism. More importantly, Connie Mack drilled the players to demonstrate professionalism, mainly when playing the games. The fact that he commanded the team with dignity, selflessness when out of the field instilled the positive attitude and provided the players with ample time for growth. On the contrary, I dislike the fact that even though Connie Mack exemplified a higher degree of professionalism, the community dint likes him. I also hate the fact that upon building the team spirit on professionalism, he ended up winning the game but not as compared to his opponent. Therefore as an additional thought, by awareness within the organization along with monitoring professionalism are essential qualities of a good manager. On the same account, motivation, timely planning an understanding the team dynamics are determining factors of any successful manager such as Connie Mack.

Response to John McGraw

I subscribe to the fact that the reaction acknowledges John McGraw management skills as bad leadership that grooms players negatively. Imperatively, as depicted, he uses orthodox motives to win against the opponents. Therefore, the players to develop negative attribute hence are not competitive, particularly in the market. It is worth noting the absolute fact that, since he embraces playing hard as opposed to using smart skills, the players are likely to flop in the long run.

On the other hand, thoroughly dislike the n notion that by using crooked means John could still win a match against disciplined opponents. Besides, the managerial skills as exemplified by McGraw reveal an authoritarian approach where the players are often manipulating in order to win the game. Based on my additional thought, the management strategy of McGraw is characterized by unapologetic attitude tends to limit professionalism among the players. Alternatively, in order to nurture professional players, McGraw must adopt practical managerial skills which instill discipline among the players. Tentatively, McGraw can learn how to motivate and delegate duties to foster a productive relationship among the players. This approach is attainable under a conducive environment where positive growth is guaranteed.

Alternatively, instead of employing a series of antics to register exemplary results, building team spirit as well as practicing ethical management skills can help instill professionalism among the group. On the same account, investing in supportive fan base instead of incitements behaviors can build positive and determined group supporters. By exercising restraint without provoking the fans along with the players, embracing cordial among the stakeholders can help restore a positive attitude as well as the team spirit. However, it is possible to attain positive results with dubious means without professionalism as witnessed in McGraw case without the knowledge of the public.


Dettmer, P., Knackendoffel, A., & Thurston, L. P. (2013). Collaboration, consultation, and teamwork for students with special needs. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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