Free Essay Sample on The Gender and Sexuality Insights in Filming

Published: 2023-11-07
Free Essay Sample on The Gender and Sexuality Insights in Filming
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The gender and sexuality factors over the years in the filmmakers have been making headlines as aspects of consideration. The gender aspects based on their representation patterns in the films has been a significant factor in the film production industries that the feminine gender is at times underrepresented. Some roles in the film making industries include; the actors/actresses, the film production segment, cinematography department and also the film critics. This paper will critically analyze the various aspects of gender and sexuality in the film production industry and the multiple aspects directly related to film making in gender and sexuality representation and regulation.

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Over time, aspects of theorizing some issues of sexuality have risen. According to queer theory, it sums up the objective of summation of demeaning the power of some norms in the society. The method also stipulates strategies for individuals who are not willing to live according to societal norms. The aspect of theorizing sexuality content in the film production industry has been a significant aspect to avoid revealing explicit material to unintended audiences. The theorizing of the film content is mainly not practical publishing some obscene content or adult content, which may include the sex scene but by alternatively trying and maybe narrating the part to a more abstract form that may sound less vulgar.

The media that is the film producing companies may, for instance, want to pass the information on sexual related issues. For example, the related diseases by doing this, they need to consider the audience when creating the content for display to at least theorize the content. For example, a media firm may want to publish a film on the use of contraceptives. They should also consider putting it in print media. However, in creating the content involving sexuality, gender bias should be regarded to avoid providing details that are gender-biased. Moreover, when creating content, one should consider the accuracy of the information that may lead to one gender's victimization. For instance, a film should not be limited to a particular gender like feminine gender, for example, portraying them as sexual objects compared to their male counterparts.

In the production of exciting films, the content producers should frequently, if not always, consider the reception or the audience intended for the film. A target audience is very relevant to avoid the wrong audience by considering the audience. Therefore, it regulates the unintended viewership, keeping the unwanted viewers at bay from the content they did not intend. For instance, the cinematographers should always identify the appropriate age for the viewers of the film. The producers or the editorial team should rate, for example, a very obscene adult content could be rated eighteen years and over. When the film is rated appropriately, it becomes easy for the untargeted audience to be sieved out.


In an attempt to analyze how sexuality is depicted in a film, a suitable film depicting carnality was selected. In the movie, Swinging, single aspects that contribute to sexuality are socio-cultural and socioeconomic factors. Also, some the introduction of sexuality matters is seen and therefore considered. Some characters in the film also depict the aspect of sexual pleasure in pornographic content. Other figures in the movie also represent the conceptualization of racism and sexuality, like Mansion and Hefner. The treatment of the feminine characters in the film is that they are introduced to sexuality for sexual gain. They are used for the economic benefit of the people in authority. Therefore, the treatment of the female characters as an object of pleasure arises in this film. According to Will Hanley, the scenario in which the feminine gender is portrayed Sexuality in the film Swinging single portrays the picture of gender bias where only the female Subjects are the only ones presented as elements of sexuality in their features of display in their pornographic content. The film also depicts an aspect of homosexuality when one of the actors is seen to be in a relationship with more than two couples of men.

Film production in art cinema films is an independent section of film production with its unique and accurate means of delivery of its content. The artistic work is mainly presented in theaters before a live audience. The art cinema films always have a less target audience as compared to other film production areas. The creativity of the film production in either of the various segments of production for the film attracts the viewership of the movie. Sexuality and explicit pornographic content in the art cinema may lead to the artwork's popularity amongst specific individuals.

In the film's performance in an art cinema, it comprises how well the facial expression and bodily gestures are exhibited. For example, the presentation of the various acts in film production related to sexuality like the acts of orgasms and the acts of strip teasing, for example, is not the same when displayed in art cinema and a recorded movie film. This owes to the fact that the one on the has a live audience while the other one, which is filed, does not entail a live audience.

Moreover, the places in which the films are watched are significantly relevant. The areas, whether public like the movie theatres and in bar domains or discrete private spaces like a bedroom or a private space of any form. At some point, it may be challenging to regulate the exact places of watching or limiting access to watching some materials based on the location where the audience will watch it. But the most relevant aspect is to regulate the prospective audience of the stuff most significantly if it contains sexual content.

Another important aspect is the regulation of the content creation of sexuality-related films. Also, control of the already produced sexuality and pornographic related content is critical. For instance, it is crucial to secure the sites on the accessed website so that the individuals who wish to access the content of the site have the credentials to proceed. For example, a film Swinging single access allows an individual to present their age details by the website before access is granted to view the movie.

Digital Platform

The current digital platform ensures that it creates a platform that provides details both from the past and the present. Therefore, once a film is produced and uploaded on the internet, it remains on the internet and can be reviewed in years to come. Thus, the digital platforms act as databases for storing content for an extended period that can be commemorated in the future. Since the digital platform serves as storage, it should be shielded from various elements like pirating and illegal use of the characters in the content. Thus, online forms of films should be guarded and have maximal security in the display's material.

In the aspect of queer visibility whereby it relates issues of bisexuality and homosexuality that is lesbianism and one being gay. Therefore, considering sexuality in a gender aspect and its impact on cultural and religious elements. The queer visibility also determines the aesthetic elements and the influence of the homosexual aspects on the film and content creation in the media production industries. And in the perspective of the content creation of the film, even with queer visibility gender bias issues in the content should also be essential. In the film production industry in attempts to create pleasurable content to the target the audience they producers should also consider the attempt of not tending to demean one gender or a subject or subjects from a particular gender.


In summary, film creation and content production involve different levels that require diverse participation. In the production of sexuality-related content, the primary consideration should be that one gender should not be demeaning to create pleasurable content to their target audiences. Also, in the method of displaying the film content, it is essential to consider the target audience and the specific content of the display. The vulgar and adult content should always be displayed in more private places such as cinemas and to the correct viewers. Therefore, the evaluation of the target audience and the specific location of the display of a particular content is equally important. Online platforms that act as databases for storage for the production works are significant since the films can be retrieved even if they were uploaded decades ago.


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