Frankenstein Application. Free Essay

Published: 2023-05-22
Frankenstein Application. Free Essay
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The Novel have been used to depict the character of human beings by studying the creatures adventures. Through analysis of the novel the following can be learned about human nature, the nature vs nurture, the discovery of the human nature where Frankenstein discovers some of their ability. For this study the human response that will be considered is the relationship between spirituality and science which are discussed below.

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Science has been one of the inventions of man, and it has had a competitive space with the spirituality of human beings. One of the outstanding difference between spirituality and science is in the character of mankind, it is believed that man lives to battle with these beliefs. Before even Mary Sheller, there has a constant battle between spirituality and science. People have developed prejudice in the surname of the person.

Even before Mary Shelley, there have been a drift between spirituality and science.

The human nature is expressed through the characters of creatures and their development. The creature in the novel have the ability to explore their environment. This is compared to human who are always in such for something new. Due to the deformities of the creatures the creatures are limited on how they respond to human being (Sherlock, and Morrey, 134). In the present day people are judgmental on specific race or tribe to be reacting in a specific way which they in turn act in a way that they have been described and though of acting.

Some of the dilemmas that people face today that are addressed by the author are?

In the novel Mary Shelley defines features on how men react when faced and pressed with a decision. All these are hidden in the tale called Frankenstein. The relationship between morality and science are correlated in the novel where there are a lot of gaps with the innovation of science and with spirituality (Steven Thompson, 226). It is believed that science have been limited to only scientific inquiries which could restrain the implication of the scientific that Mary Shelley addresses that foreshadow what happens. The study will focus to define the human nature and other morality and science controversies.

Mary Shelley brings out some of the ethical questions concerning life and life are as follows?

The novel is detailed in reporting the feelings of men and their ideas that pass the time and place, and it is relevant today. Therefore Hugo deals with hopes, passions, emotions, fear, doubts that reflects of individual's humanity that is common. Valjean accepts to help the less fortunate, which is a moral responsibility that does not necessarily come to the institution which social in nature. Relatively, it drifts from God's expansive notion. The inadequacy of the resolution of the ethical problem is the main reason, as illustrated by Valjean. However, his direct thoughts towards a dilemma which is considered, but every decision he makes points at his emotions, and they serve as the proper guide to the right behavior. The man performs upright deeds instinctively as though he is performing in answer to that inner voice, and the perspective is that every individual has their inner voice, that source of laws that are moral which tells him his duties. Faith can most likely transform one's life as per the message. Valjean says that believing in God merely is not necessarily enough. He cannot have just contemplated the divine. After learning from the experience, he continues performing by helping individuals through his creativity. As per his perspective, God's fulfillment and receiving salvation can be attained when no help from various organized religions.

The author also presents some of the ethical queries in the definition of true morality as follows:

Real morality remains advanced than, besides distinct from, slightly actual belief. Religions permit away; nevertheless, God always is who He is. The Bishop acts obtainable of sincere compassion and humane for those who are weak and those downtrodden. The Bishop has picked an unswerving system of trust and path of life and has devoted his life to the lively service that of humanity through respectable execution manners and attractive in genuine love. Bishop believes that it is every man's responsibility to do good performances in spite of the circumstance that he might never discern if the upright acts he has done for individuals will clue them towards changing them subsists for the upright behavior. His spiritual humanism remains far since conventional Christianity.

What has author address that depicts the current issues affecting the humankind ( the current issues that are addressed in the present century)

The writer condemns the class-based communal structure, which is unjust by making very good individuals be criminals and those beggars. The authors make a very sensible case that education that is universal can eliminate poverty as well as crime. There is an impartiality system of the criminal which is flexible and focuses on recuperation relatively than punishments and treating of women is the same and caring. Although these wide recommendations, the author provides not any practical answers for the schools that reform, police stations, law courts as well as prisons. The novel is all about the demand for a cleverer and more honorable civilization. When the novel was released the novel inspired a major deal of compassion to unfortunate individuals who are oppressed through the state, and it was viewed as the jubilation of revolt against oppression

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