Historical Essay Sample: Rwandan Genocide Facts

Published: 2017-11-15
Historical Essay Sample: Rwandan Genocide Facts
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Rwanda is an eastern African country found in Africa continent. Rwanda has been affected by civil war commonly referred to as genocide between the two largest communities in the Hutus and the Tutsis. This war was mainly caused by the colonialist who denied the Hutus the western education and political sits and gave to the Tutsis. Some Tutsis were taken to exile in Uganda after independence in 1963 (Imaculee & Steve, p.40). After the return of the Tutsis in the year 1990 a civil broke during a piece making by the United Nations which was ceased by the Hutu president. In the following year 1994, the president who was a Hutu was shot dead, and the Hutu blamed the Tutsis for the action. In this topic, I will discuss if the factors that happened in Rwanda could occur in the USA.

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Ethnic Conflicts in Rwanda

I would say it can happen because basing the political state of the USA between the democrats and republicans if Trump wins there would be outbreaks of combat between both the Republican-democrat due is inane policies he always proposes. Engineering a wall to keep other people out of his country implies that there will be real devastation in the economy state of the country as well as the people kick out will eventually rebel against which simply might bring a 0major catastrophe to the current situation of the country. Considering that Trump is a Democrat he might favor them over the other Republicans, and this favoritism can be one of the leading cause of civil war among the people because the Republicans might feel left out. Trump idea of kicking out Muslim religion from the country can be disastrous. As we have seen the major cause of civil war in Rwanda is due to the conflict between two major sides, the Muslim can rebel against it with the help of the Republicans creating division in the country.

Genocide in Rwanda was a major catastrophe which the world just stood and watched people die. Reducing the population of one community to almost 25%. Major countries failed to develop institution which would predict and work to prevent genocide from taking place and nearly all world leaders lacked the political willingness to stop such inhuman actions. The major countries should have developed strong independence institution to predict where such occasion takes place to come up with an immediate policy to intervene and prevent such acts from taking place. This could have evolved peace-keeping and implemented. The major country should have built an institution to intervene non-violence action before such genocide action began. Using institution like churches mosques and temples and also develops educative information about the effect of war through media such as TV, radio, and posters. There was also need of volunteers who have professional and rapid armed forces to insert power where it might be necessary. Internal courts of justice should also have been developed to bring leader who brought such civil war to justice. This criminal court would influence the leaders since they would know they are not above the law.

Facts about the Rwandan genocide

Being a super power, the U.S has both partial and full responsibility of intervening in situations where mass rights violations have been reported. The world at various occasions has failed to intervene in situations where mass murders accounting to millions have occurred. United States of America boasts of providing just, equal chances for all of its citizens and therefore the government should not watch in silence as human rights of other citizens from all other parts of the world are being violated .(Gareth, p. 38). Failing to intervene is against the Americas principle. Wars and genocides which affects the U.S indirectly needs to be addressed i.e. in Syria and Ukraine which has experienced political instability which has affected its imports and exports when necessary.

Even though the U.S policy haven’t been the best, the country by economic standards has the capacity to assist the affected citizens, this is through providing humanitarian assistance like food, clothing, temporary shelter like tents and drugs. Delivering such services in hot war zones is crucial to the affected citizens whose rights have been violated (Evans, 20). The government can also provide military assistance by assisting the affected by giving them enough protection from further damages.

The two groups who fought one another in the Rrwandan civil war are the:

Rwandan genocide was involved between two groups that is the Tutsi and Hutu. Many world countries stood on the fence to avoid the catastrophe that had struck Americas military in Somalia. They delayed military assistance to help stop the genocide that resulted in close to a millions lives being lost. Belgium who was the Rwanda political power delayed to deploy its military. Its military had received intelligence and acted too late. France who supported President Haybarimana regime only trained the military and did little to stop the genocide.

Global intervention may have reduced the death toll if it had been responded earlier enough. U.S.A should always involve in trying to solve human rights violation menace. The citizens should always vote wisely during elections in the country or any other part f the world to avoid blood bath in the end. Based on factors I explained earlier, genocide can occur since Trump may brew hatred between different ethnicities in U.S.A.

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